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the filament circuit illuminates the dial from below.

To hold the capacitor in place, I used 4-40 screws I inch long, with % inch tubular spacers to hold the capacitor back from the panel and allow room for the dial A short shaft extension clamped to the splined shaft runs out to the big spinner knob for tuning.

With the capacitor mounted, the coil assembly is positioned so that the rotor just clears the shield case and is fastened in by a single screw through the end of the chassis-Connections to the capacitor, coil assembly, and front-end tubes are then completed.

he low voltage applied to the local oscillator is low for a purpose; originally, the full 120 volts was applied. The result was more birdies than 1 had ever heard before. Oscillator voltage was lowered (by adding series resistance) until the birds disappeared. Gain was not affected, Thus, if you should find a bird Or two, try increasing resistance in the oscillator plate supply line and they will undoubtedly go away.

Now, after checking all your wiring, you're ready to fire up your tuner/audio unit and try it out. Connecting directly to an antenna will let you hear radio range stations operated by FA A and the military, and you can check frequency calibration against these. Don t be mis led by "bassy" audio though; these stations feed high-Q antennas and they lose the sidebands at the transmitter, Audio quality will be excellent with the unit in use on higher bands.

As mentioned earlier, you can use this unit as a Q-5er, or (if your interests are all at !4 mc and above) you can put together the W6-FZA intermediate converter. Other intermediate converters already in print for tliis range include Don Stoners "Novice Q-5er" and a later version in his "New Sideband Handbook/3

However, if you want to follow this unit all the way through, youT want to build the SJS intermediate converter. It's a little long to describe here—so well break at this point until next month. And in the meantime, happy listening!


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Fred Haines W2RWJ 123 Roberta Dr, Liverpool, N. Y,

Another Antenna of Note or 11' hy did we ever move off the olde farm?

Having more wire than- brains, and being of unsound mind (at least I was told this more than once), a monstrous idea formed in my mind one day, and unlike most of such, it was actually carried out. The 20 meter VEE beam has been described in the literature (73 Magazine for March, 1962) and one would be quite sure it was enough to dampen my enthusiasm for any more antenna projects. Wrong! That beam wouldn't load up on 80 or 40 worth two cents, For years a roll of #18 copper coated steel wire had been kicked about under the workbench and had been almost chucked out many times. One afternoon, while sitting at the operating position biting my fingernails to the quick and wishing 1 could get on 80 meters (all the good DX on 20 had already been worked twice that day) I spied that miserable roll of old wire. The rest is history, , . .

The handbooks were again consulted for some rule-of-thumb guides as to antenna lengths. As every Novice knows, or should, a wave on 80 meters is about .132 feet long, and once cut will also load up on 40 and other bands. Having spent my last thin dime on the 20 meter VEE beam, I was looking for something simple and this couldn't be much simpler. One end was attached to the peak of the house and the other end u as run out to ... ? And that's how the thing got started. There just wasn't any kind of a sky hook in the 132 foot range.

A tear Welled up in one eye, and the idea was about to be dropped and a new hobby pursued, when by chance a hawk flew overhead, 1 idly watched that hawk as he glided and soared effortlessly overhead and finally as if guided by providence he flew in a line from

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