Triex Tower Corporation Opens Factorydirect Program

Tri-Ex Tower Corporation has inaugurated a new policy of factory-direct consumer sales, it was announced today.

"Tri-Ex has always been dedicated to building the best towers available anywhere at any price," said A, J. F. Clement, W6KPC, president. "Now we will also offer the very best in service to Tri-Ex tower owners.

"By factory-direct sales a number of advantages will be accrued by new tower owners. First, each factory-direct order is assured of faster service. Second, the very finest professional engineering assistance is immediately available. Third ALL Tri-Ex towers are now /lot-d/pped galvanized after fabrication (rust-free), at new lower prices, (financing available). Fourth, it is well known that Tri-Ex Tower Corp. engineered and developed the crank-up tower from its infancy. Research and development in the crank-up tower field continues unabated as evidenced by the new (LM-470) seventy foot free standing tower recently marketed. The LM-470 is a minimum cost installation, requiring only a single base mount.

"Since most key personnel at Tri-Ex are active Radio Amateurs, they are very well qualified to assist you in selecting the most appropriate tower to fit your particular requirement."

The below listed members of the Tri-Ex staff are always available to answer any questions that you may have.

Martin Blackstone, WA6MFY/VR30 Clyde Blyleven, WA60N2 Frank Clement, W6KPC John Hultquist, W6QMC

Contact us now for your free catalog describing Tri-Ex's complete line of free standing towers, guyed telescoping towers, and fixed height towers. Write to Tri-Ex Tower Corp., P.O. Box 298. Tulare, Calif., or call (209) 6863411.

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  • benny owen
    what is the price for new tri ex tower lm-470d
    8 years ago
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    What is the price for new tri ex tower lm470d?
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