Communication Antenna


PREMAX TELESCOPIC VERTICAL ANTENNA, Chromed Monel Metal. 3 telescoping sections with watertight collet-type Chucks to lock each ┬┐ettion at desired length. Extends from 6 ft. 9 inches to a maximum of 19 ft. Excellent for Marine, Ham, CB. or Rase short-wave operation. NEW-UNUSED units. Shpg. 12 Ihs. Originally price at over $9U.U0. Our PRICE ONLY $14.45

SO MC MOTOROLA COAXIAL ANTENNA, Heavy duty, highpower construction. Easily mod If Led by reducing length of upper whip section for higher frequencies, or increasing length by a few Inches for CB application. Present Eength of top radiator 103*. Equipped with female receptacle for PL-259 coax connector and 50 ohm line. Important mounting hardware included. UNUSED Tails. Shpg. wt. 130 lbs, PRICE EACH $14.95

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