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Oceanside, California of the patients are licensed operators, while others are striving far their Novice tickets.

The hobby has become a tremendous means of combating the psychological and sociological disillusion men ts and embitterments of the newly disabled. Hamming i ndirectly helps to erase egocentric views and at the same time enlarges the individual's Weltanschauung (worldly views). It helps the disabled to make new friends not only in his or her community but also in all parts of the world, without even trying* Of course, it's not the panacea of all ills, but it is definitely an agreeable form of therapy (some of the medical people refer to amateur radio as a social or occupational therapy.)

How does a handicapped person get into thus hobby? Mainly by studying and by contacting a ham in his or her neighborhood for guidance. Studies should consist of basic electricity and electronics. Libraries contain excellent selections, Bibliographies are available in most electronic catalogs (free for the asking, in most cases). As for guidance, the handicapped individual will be utterly amazed as to the willingness 9 friendliness, and cooperation his ham neighbor will offer. In fact> before he or she knows itj many other hams will be over to help. Once the amateur radio license is ol tained from the F,QC. (probably one of these same hams acted as the examiner) s don't be surprised to see this same group over to help assemble the station and raise the antenna. Even if there is a oss of the use of the limbs, these ingenious part-time engineers will devise some mechanical or electrical gadget as a means for the handicapped person to operate completely and independently. Such gadgets as rubber hose with a metallic-leaf switch inside will activate or de-activate the transmitter when the disabled iiam biows in the tube; or the micro-switch placed near the ham's eyebrow can open or lose the T-R relay by a simple closing of the eye; or the cooking spatula in the mouth for CW keying; or the audible tuning of the vfo by the blind operator; just to name a few of these aids. Above all, the disabled person will have made life-long friends during his orientation period and the list will grow over the years. It does take time and perseverance to get a license, but once the ll7.C,C. has issued you a call and permission to operate, one begins to re-live again.

Please excuse tne now, as it's time for me to Wheel myself over to the shack as I have a belied" with a bedfast OM and we hope to "mobile" around today.

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