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The improved full

Amateur Net

All features of Drake TR-3 PLUS ...

Solid State VFO with linear permeability tuning for maximum stability

Automatic Transmit/ Receive Switching on CW

(semi break-in)

CW Sidetone Oscillator built-in

* VOX or PTT on AM + Connections for External

Receiver * Diode Detector on AM

Amateur Net

Features of TR-4 and TR-3

rmKvinc* II

Full Frequency Coverage on all amateur bands 10 through 80 meters. No additional crystals required.

Upper and Lower Sideband on all bands,

VOX or PTT built-in.

Output Impedance Adjustable with pi-network. Separate Receiver S-Meter and Transmitter Plate Ammeter 300 Watts PEP input on SSB.

Conlrolled-Carrier Screen Modulator for AM built-in.

Shifted-Carrier CW 260 watts input.

Two Special 9 Mc Crystal Filters for sideband selection,

Separate RF and AF Gain Controls,

2.1 Kc Passband.

100 Kc Crystal Calibrator built-in.

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