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l)ig guns would he glad to spare a little time on intruder duty with vigilante net providing some extra mark or space signals for commercial RTTY stations. These stations must have absolutely perfect copy you know, so it really wouldn't !>e difficult to make it profitable for them to find a better channel. Darned shame il Cuba, Haiti, etc., get pushed out of our bands . . . right?

II any amateur <>i club or net is interested in coordinating the Vigilantes 1 will cooperate to the f ullest with 73. I suggest that those interested in helping out on such a project get together on 3815 kc at 0000Z and get things started.

ITU Report

The crushing defeat suffered by the U.S. at the Montreux, Switzerland, I.T.U. conference in November poses even more problems for the next conference . . . the one where ham radio stands to lose its shirt. What happened? Well, the French, Soviets, Africans and Asians got together and clobbered us. The U.S. came out of Hie conference with not one single proposal adopted and with not one American national on the executive roster of the governing body of the l.T.U,

The French have always been extremely uncooperative about amateur radio. Their regulations are, I believe, the most strict in the entire world and they certainly have one of the smallest ham populations of any modem country in the world , . , about one ham per 20,000 population as compared to one in 800 in the U.S. France made a determined effort to take away much of 10 meters in 1959, One wonders what France might be like today if the government had encouraged amateur radio, thus making it possible for them to have a large and growing electronics industry built, as it is elsewhere, on a foundation of amateur operators.

There is little amateur operation in the Asian and African countries and thus little reason for these countries to support amateur radio. We have an important story to tell these countries for amateur radio con id be of great value to them , . , but 1 wonder if we will get that story told in time. The only organization in the world that is working on this problem is the Institute of Amateur Radio, Frankly, if every amateur doesn't jump immediately to support the Institute, I think we will have an awful time with our consciences along about 1970. I think the disaster can be prevented, but it is going to be a lot of work and be expensive. . . . Wayne

AREA news

Though few of you have probably ever heard of the Amateur Radio Editors Association, it is a "club" made up of the editors of ham club bulletins , . . or at least it is supposed to be, AREA was started by W8BAII hack in I9fil with the ¬°den of keeping editors informed on current amateur events. lTnlor-tunately it evolved into a month]) bulletin devoted to biographies of those thai paid their $7,50 to join the Association and not much else. All Lold some 200 people, most of them hams, paid to have their biographies published.

Things began to look up for the AREA when Bill Welsh WA6VTL, an Edison Award winner, was voted President. Bill got together with the Directors ol the Association and drew up a new constitution w hich would put AREA back to sending out news. The new constitution was sent to the members for ratification. Weil, W8BAH had to do something fast to hold onto his $7.50 biography business so lie ignored the new and old constitutions and sent out word that he was holding an election immediately with DL4HU as the only candidate for president. I wrote DL4HU about this and got word from him that he knew absolutely nothing about it and that he was writing to BAH to tetl him that he was not available.

BAH apparently sat down at his typewriter and held an election for AREA. I got an announcement from him that he had elected himself president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Quite a landslide for him.

In the meanwhile the members turned in one of the largest votes in AREA history overwhelmingly accepting the new constitution. It looks as if the Association is going to continue on and grow healthily, but without W8BAH . . . one of the little dramas that are part of amateur radio.

For information on joining AREA drop a line to Bill Welsh, 2300 W, Clark, Burbank, California 91506,

I'll be out in Los Angeles for the first week or so of February and would like to visit as many clubs as I can during this period. There are many fascinating things going on behind the scenes of amateur radio that I can't possibly write about in 73, In person I can spill the beans. Bill Welsh WA6VTL will set up my schedule of speaking so program chairmen should get in touch with him at 848-9340. Skeptics and official ARRL hecklers are most welcome. I am seldom dull

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