Special For Trade Only

Collins 51J/R 388 in excellent condition (Selling Price $595.00)

Will swap for GRC or Test Equipment only. Send us your list.

G-150 Gonset Transceiver, good for 2 meters, in excellent condition, wili trade for ?????

X Band Horn, 9" long by 5 by 4 with wave guide fitting on one end. Can be made into 10,000 MC Transmitter or receiver or both, new S4.95 en.

88 MH Toroid Coils potted 5 for $1.49

unpotted 5 for 1.75

Model 14 TD with governor motor in good condition $17.95

Western Union TD type 5032A, sync motor 19.95

Model 14 Reperforator, unit only for ports $7.50 in good condition with sync motor 22.50

11/16" Model 14 Paper carton of 40 rolls $8.95

Model 15 Paper carton of 10 rolls 8.95

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