Grove Electronic Supply Company

3256 N. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, III. 60641

QRZ: RME 4350-A> w spk. $11 (LM. Knight T130-A $65,00, Both very clean. Twoer, one year old $45.00. WB6FME, Chuck Evans, 2014 Enslen Ave., Modesto, California.

RCA VIDICON 7735A, 15,00h Heath test equipment. 432 KW( Telrex 2 Meter system. 2 meter transmitter, 6 meter converter, 432 grid dip meter. Radar sentry, UHF converter, 2 meter linear, 432 converter and preamp. 2 meter halo; Andrew's HO TV Heliax-Coax, CDR rotor. Tube tester, HO-13 plus more, write for list; Wanted: HP-24. HP-23, TM-30. HO-IO. Stan Nazimek WB2GKF. 506 ML Prospect Ave., Clifton. New Jersey 070 J 2,

COLLINS KW-1 Deluxe 1000 watt phone/cw transmitter $1200*00. Cost $3850.00. Want Collins 312B-4 or 312B-5 station control, George Norton, W4EEE, Georgia University Station. Athens, Georgia. 30601.

TRANSISTORS: U-Test-Em—100 assorted far $2,50. Postage paid in U.S.A. No CO.B, Star Sales Company, 404 West 38th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19802.

$200 TAKES: Collins 32v-l transmitter; homebrew kilowatt; National NC-88, Heath Q-multipIier: Gonset G66B receiver, G77A transmitter, modulator, mobile fixed P S, WBRS, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts,

MAKti your own bifilar filament choke. New use for our famous Toroid Balun Kit, $5.00 plus 40^ postage. Anil-Tron Associates 12033 Otsego Street, North Hollywood. California 91607.

SB-30U bought 2/2/66, Perfect condition and accurate calibration with no scratches. $255 or best offer. Driggs W A SO MP, 1807 Riverhill. Columbus, Ohio

COMPUETE HAM STATION. HT 40xmtr. SX 140 revr. Both factory wired. Many extras. All in excellent condition. Best offer. WB2RBK, 30 Sunset Blvd.. Massa-pequa, N.Y. (516) Py 8-4313.

HEATH SHAWNEE six meter transceiver. Mobile mount, all cables. $150 or best offer. K2RFO Bruce Ryan, 106 Lyn hurst Avenue, North Syracuse, N.Y. 13212.

DRAKE T4X $280. R4 Receiver §280, MS4 Speaker, power supply $45. Bought new 11/65, Ray Conway, 2012 No. 6th St., Burbank, California VI-93720.

HEATH KIT HA14 KILOWATT mobile amplifier $90, HP14 DC supply $80, Professionally assembled 10 hours use. Vietnam orders, M, Sgt R. H. OdomT 1410 Converse Ave,, FayetteviUe, N. C,

HEATIIKIT MOHAWK RECEIVER. Like new. Used less than 100 hours. Excellent for SSB. CW, and 'phone. $ 175, San ford E, Lery, 178 Jeannette Drive, Richmond Heights, Ohio. 44121.

CLEGG ZEUS, Excellent condition. Low Price, WBZCUD. 201-756-8340. Collln Deokïn, 1424 Clinton Ave. South Flainfield, New Jersey. 07080.

HALLICRAFTEBS S76 RECEIVER. In good condition $50, Contact WB2KDH OL5-7812 Bx. N. Y,

HRO-GOt GLOBE HiBANDER with VFO Gem 6 Meter Conv, All for $300. W. Carroll, 15 Whit tier Lane, Oakland, N. J, north dakota state university Amateur Radio Society, Annual Hamfest on the NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota, on May 8. 1966, Write WpHSC for more information.


Telewriter Model **U* frequency shift converter deigned för two-tone AM or FM with limit* r ope r ation available by switch. Solid state ratio corrector compensates ior fading signals. Permits copying on Mark or Space only. Selector magnet dc loop supply built-in with bias supply aiifi octal socket for optional polar relav to kev transmitter. GW6 key er tube. Plug-in discriminator for 850 cycle or other shifts. Cathode r&y or dita; eye indicator. Auto-start control system optional Prices for 19" rack mounting: Model with dual eye SIM. Model "L" with C. R, tube indicator $'¿7$. Cabinet S1B.50


Hux 19, Boston, Mast. 02101, Tel, 01T-74Z-4D48


Reduces Jntrrferenct and CT For ALL Amatw Transmit-

NoUe on AIL Makfi Short ters. Guaranteed tor 1000

Wave Receivers. Mak« World Watts AM 2000 SSB PU

Wide Reception Stronyur. Nel or Link Direct Feed,

Clearer pD All Bands! Lig-ht. Neat, Weathtifproof.

Complete as shown total length 102 ft. with 96 ft. of 72 ohm hiiliiiiird twiuline, Hi-icnpact tnolded rvswiattt tj.tps. iWt. 3 ]" \ 5" fang). You lust tune to desirtd hand f-.r toi-amlil.-results, E^Hkut n>r ALL world-wide siiurHuve rweiver* and amauiui tr*<uwilitters fur NriYli'K Attn all u.ass aMA-TBi:ilS! NO EXTIU TI N Kits OK GADOBTS NKI-Jh-EI»! iJHmlnates f> separnle auceimas escellent perfnrmflnce jruurariimJ. Inconspicuous far Fus>y Neighborhoods! HAY


¿0-2(1'15-10 mrter, 54-a, ibest for swl'si Complete flG.95 SEND ONLY $3,00 U'asli* rk.f lirnl amJ pay jmsTnuni h;ihuuv |,||l| plus postage on arrival or send full price for postpaid delirer>% Complete Installation & technical Instructions tori 1 abed. Kree information on many at tier lttOS meter jiiU'rmus

Available nni>- from:

fJearney, Nebraska



The Best Alr-to-Graimd Radio Receiver: 1ÍRIM3 1« rnnl ¡minus timing AM finperiirt 225-4110 nic plus 1 xtl~m»trot etoiHiel 2 nr. '> tI i Stlm-<T No. - limit, rr 3 at AF. 12*> ^ fit) 80 cy pur spljr. With trcli darn, alif^d On gnd. fob Lm Angles 5199.50

TWO LV XFRMRS each 115 v 60 r>\ connect for 11or 23lh\ Gives 4 sepajute ti,3vct 35A sees,, connect for 2&.2vet cms 35A or 12+(3vct 70A or (L3vct 14UA. 2 weight Hall fix or Trnrk collect. remit for two $14-50

ALL* BRAND SSB RCVR BARGAIN: Ha 111 crofter K-45/ ARR 7

550 ksr to i : me s. Voitv, CW Mi SV. iligmíri ^rt l w/fowk: 2 2 IK s. 3-meter, nr-is^ lmir: 3 xtl. 3 nmi-xtl

BelcrtiviTy choices, Uss pur supply $149.50

TIME PAY PLAN: Any purchase totaling $160,00 or more, down payment only 10%

ft-23 ARC-5 Coram arid rrvr kv '514.95

A.B.C. 12 -22 Command revr [>40 Ifí^O kc S17.95

APR-4Y AM FM li.vr mmL I It 115 ^ ñO Üfl rv, «rltll pttT [>Utg, book, tuner« 38-10on nic..., $250.00

TS-323/UB fretj. meUr 20 4SO me,. OOKfr . ___ $169.50

AND MUCH MORE: We have Sipial (itneralors. Motets* VTVM% Litw Voiri^H. Kr^ui lino. IE f^tlat^-d TnW t Snpplleáj I'rtrision

EriJuifi, AO dr Vollrt^ tOii(krsp lifilvdSi 1'siLorlmptrif \ Indicating lil-1 Wuthneters. Sp^inmi ric


Box 1220GC Beverly HHI>f Calif. 90213 Phone: Area 213, office 272-5707, messages 275-5347

WANTED Goldkit thriller transceiver Cheap, Box 110 Charleston, ST C,

WANTED; British EL37 DX Transmitter. Box 49. Charleston, S- C.

WANTED: El 37 British DX Transmitter. Box 47„ Charleston, S. C.

QSLS? Samples 25^ Sakkers. W8DED, Holland, Michigan.

PPD. Fl-1 Clipper $8. Ameco CCS/144 2M Converter and P.S. $25 WA8XF. 715 Harvery St.. Petuskey. Mich.

AUCTION IN BROOKLYN. PRIZES. Sunday, May i:>th, Noon-GPM at the Sgt. Meyer Levin Hall, 1628 East 14th Si reel. For more information call 771-5852.

P RE-STARVED ROCK HAM FEST Dinner Dance Streaior III. June 4, 7:00 P, M.. Tickets S3.50 Each. Must have reservations by May 21, Contact—\VN9QM<"r + Myies Van Duzerp Route 1, Streator, lit 61364.

E ANCASTER OHIO DAMPEST. Swap and Shop. Sunday, June 19. Fairfield County Fairgrounds. Bring your gear to sell or trade. Food, Prizes, Meet your friends.

WESTERN ILLINOIS RADIO CLUB HAMFEST June 19, 1966. Door prizes and entertainment. Tickets S2. advancet S2.50 at tfate at Eagles AlpsH Quincy. Illinois. Obtain tickets from Pat Hardin, 2040 Payson St. Quincy, Illinois. 63301. Phone 223^8177 code 217.

HEATH KIT SB-30OE, brand new, with assembly manual. Expertly assembled and precision aligned, with CW crystal filter installed, §285, R. Goodwin, W50JX, RFD Box 70t Carrlere, Miss. 39426.

APACHE: Good condition. SI 10. Graduating senior and must sell. Ed Guida. 556 VMI, Lexington, Va. 703463-3343,

KWM2A s n 12706 516F 2 real clean $775. ADCOM 350-12 mobile supply new S75. Loudenboorner Linear w/pwrsply New S270. First check gets one or all. W5HBE Box 30241 Dallas, Texas.

SAMCO QSE PRESENTS 4<Proto-CallM for f66. Samples Stamp-Ett 2x3 inch multi-purpose cards S), hundred ppd. Samco, Box 203-C Wynantskill, N.Y. 12198.

AUDIO FILTERS. Low pass will remove everything übove 3300 cycles before it readies speaker. See the full story in 73 for March 66. These are 500 ohm units, unused top grade military surplus at S2 ea plus about 35c postage. Lock City Electronics Box O Freeland, Michigan 48623.

WRL blue book prices save money- Take 10% off these prices without trades. Apollo 700—S199.00; Zeus —$329,95: 75 A4—$409.00; GSB100—$179.95; Communicator III-6m—$159.00: SX101 A—S209.00; SR150— $389.00; Apache—$139,95; HW32—$119.00; DX100— $99.00; HQlOfl—$99.00; NCX3—$219.00. Hundreds more. Free List. LEO, W0GFQ, Box 919, Council BlufTs, Iowa.


Airborne, Ground, Transmitters. Receivers, Testsets, Accessories. Especially COLLINS. We Pay Freight and Cash. RITCO POB 156. Annandale, Virginia Are 703-5G0-5480 Collect.

rOB SALE: R23 ARC5 190-550 KC Receiver, Good operating, SI5.50. Also R445 ARN30 Tunable VHF type Command Receiver 108-138 MC. Same Setup as Command sets, Good operating, with Schematic. $26,50. Also Aircraft Radio Corp T-13A VHF Transmitter 125-148 MCS. NEW with schematic $13.95. Also SRT14 synthesizer units 6, 8, 9, 10, IIA, IIB, HC. new. with schematic $8.00 each, any three $6.50 each.— RITCO FOB 156, Annandale, Virginia.

TOP CASH PATO for electronic lest equipment as Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix, General Had Jo, Dumont, Soon I on, all types of tubes, special purpose and receiving, transistors. Atlen-Bradley resistors. Bring your gear. Plenty of free parking. Open 6 days weekly 9—5:30. Rex Industrial Electronics, 759 10th Avenue uir. 51st St,) New York, N.Y. 10030. Telephone 7571361.

BC-22I-T. original Xtal, CaL book, Modulated, AC Power Supply, extra set of tubes. $80.00 Money Order, Ted Dell W4BEX 1828 Highland Ave., Eau Galiie, Fia.

SWL NEWS is a magazine for Shortwave Listeners. Monthly, printed, phonos, illustrations, articles etc. Sample copy 60 cents. SWL Publications, P. O. Box 97G8, Kansas City, Mo. 64134.

SIX METER SIDEBAND, Heath SB110, new, perfect S290. Also NC303 immaculate, $260, with speaker, calibrator and converter. Contact WA8DQY/WB4CEV 2113 West Riverdale, Cermantown, Tennessee.

ART'S QSL'3 Samples 101. Art Bliss. 1829 N. Catalina St., Burbank, California.

CONVERl ERS $10 and up. World s largest selection of frequencies. Ham TV vidicon cameras and parts at low factory-direct prices. See them all now in our full page ad in this issue. Vanguard Labs, 196-23 Jamaica Ave., Hollis, N.Y_ 11423.

WE WILL PAY CASH: Wanted, popular, late model unmodified amateur equipment.. Highest prices paid for clean, good operating gear. Write Graham Radio, Dept. 10, Reading, Massachusetts.

TECHNICAL MANLALS. Signal Corp. Some of the available manuals R-390,A, SP-600. B061Ü, 1-377. TV-7. teletype manuals, test equipment. World's largest list 10c. Quaket- Electronics, Hun lock Creek, Pa.

ARE YOU SINCERE? Are you really looking for the best deal on a new or fully guaranteed used unit? Let us convince you with a specific quote that will really save you money. Graham Radio, Dept. 10r Heading. Massachusetts.

FT-243 CRYSTALS: 0.1% setting $2,0(1 eaeh, ±2 kc setting $1.00 each. 3000-8700 ks. Denver Crystals, 776 South Corona, Denver, Colorado 80209.

DAYTON HAMVKNTION April 16. 1966—Everyone welcome at the Dayton Amateur Radio Association's 15th annual Hamvention, Wampler's BaHarena, Dayton, Ohio. Come and participate in the technical sessions, forums and banquet. See new equipment exhibits. Take part in "Home Brew" contest and hidden transmitter hunt New this year Giant "Flea Market/' Activities for the XYL. FCC general class examination at 09:00 Saturday. Exhibits open Friday evening. For information write Payion Hamvention, Department F, Box 44, Dayton, Ohio 45401.

NOW! A publication devoted entirely to government surplus electronic equipment. Many schematics and other data each issue. Sample copy 25<i or $3.00 per 1-year subscription. National Surplus Digest, P.O. Box 36, Sweet Valley, Pa.

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