1+ Amateur radio operator 2. Vents used in bass reflex speaker enclosures 9. Adjustment of a transmitter's rf amplifier stage to resonance

12. Consumed

13. Type of quartz crystal

14. Fruit drink

1 5. Movoble plates of a variable capacitor 1 7, Bandwidth of o crystal

19. Type of gas sometimes used in voltage regulator tubes

20, Old-fashioned word for antennas 2h Type of circuit coupling

22. Continent (abbr.)

24. Substance in tube indicated by □ dot in diagrams

26. Type of blocking coif (abbrJ 27- I rials for a piece of equipment

30. Prefix letters for certain types of connectors

31. Type of wire insulation (abbr.)

32. Vehicle for a mobile rig

33. New England State (abbr.)

34. Antenna supports

36, Cover

37, Radial disc attached to dissipate heat

38, Girl's name

39, Vase

40, Common material used for a mast or a beam

41, Nimble

43. Unit of relative power used to express amplitude

44r Mechanism used on indexed rotary switches

46. Small octal bosed tube used in portable sets

49h Transformer winding (abbr.)

50. Term used to indicate thot current is being taken from a source

52, Present name of RETMA

53, Transformer windino (abbr.)

54, Rescued

55, Transportation systems


2, Weight of BC-610

3, Electrical measuring instruments

4, Component

5, Oid Timer

6, Type of circuit coupling (abbrJ

7, RF section of a receiver

8, Celestiol body

1 1. Church seats

?6. Grampus

18. Teaser

20, Stabilizer circuit in an FM tuner

22. Stabilizer circuit in an FM tuner

24, Diversion for children

25. Study of the body (abbrJ

26. Type of circuit coupling (abbr,, plural)

27, Partial output point of a transformer winding

28, Open a circuit breaker

29. Trigonometric function

3). Components in a circuit having one or more vacuum tubes with o single input and output

32. Against (prefix)

35. Noise heard on a radio receiver

36. Three (Italian)

37. Device used to block certain frequencies

39. Shorter in wavelength than VHF

40, Writing implement

42. Race of people (abbr,, plural)

43. Radio frequencies within definite limits

44. Displaced persons (abbr.)

45- Before

46- Near (German)

47. Dielectric for some types cf variable capacitors

7) MAQAZtNt m



SCOPE isirr A-tOO

AM. CW or SSfl

Wave envelope or trapezoid patterns No tuning required Up to 60 Mc

Wrii handle 5W to 1 KW fAAgr

Uses standard connectors vVjl^ Internal sweep *

Size: 9Va" deep, x 2" high, x 3W wide Weight; approx. 5 lbs.

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