200 pf capacitor added between the switch and the whip antenna connection may be required if the auto radio trimmer will not peak up the signal. This will reduce the effect of the shunt capacitance added due to the long coax cable connected to the whip antenna. I'his value may not be correct for your particular installation and cur radio inpul. The optimum value may be found by the cut and try method. A filter was added to the converter . 2 volt input line by making a choke out of #16 insulted line with 20 close wound turns on a %" form.

The existing oscillator tube socket in the Super Six may not have all the socket inserts to accommodate the I2EK6 tube. This can be rectified by simply removing an insert from another socket and pressing it into place. This eliminates the need for replacing the socket

Fig, 1. Gonset Super Six modified for low voltage operation.

20 turns hqn/off" switch v8 0ia q.

l6 60QFh

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