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Well, we're all being jarred more and more these days. Two names for frequency nnits have been causing more and more problems (though I cant believe they're that serious) in international science and engineering as these fields tend to be less and less nationalistic and more international. An international conference a few years ago decided that it would be better to use hertz, and the USA National Bureau of Standards and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers have accepted this ruling, as have most of Ihe engineering level publications in this country. Now the hob! yy and technician magazines are starting to, too. Massive resistance to apparently inevitable social changes seems to have had little worthwhile effect recentlv, and 1 suppose that the same can be said for resistance to hertz.

Hz, kHz and MHz for cps, kc and me will Undoubtedly offend your eyes as much as ours at first, so were going to switch to them slowly to get you accustomed to them. If Hz annoys you, think of how I'm going to enjoy changing all of those cycles, kc, and mc to Hz? kHz, and MHz in all of the manuscripts we publish.

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