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We'll give you any piece of equipment that you name HAMMARLUND, COLLINS, HEATH, NATIONAL, GONSET, ETC., ETC. at our low trade cost in exchange for any piece of surplus equipment valued at our higherthanrnarket evaluation.

NAVY: "TED" TRANSMITTERS, AN SPN-5, 7, 11, 18 RADAR Raytheon 1400. 1, 2. 1500 {Pathfinder Radar) AN URA-8B. AN SPA-4T 8, 9.

26, 46. RT 66. 67, 68. 70. AM-65/ GR. T 368C URT. PP-109/GR. PP-112 GR, RT-174 PRC 8- R-108/GR, RT-175 PRC 9. R-109 GR. RT 1 76 ' PRC-10, R-l 10 GR. T-217A/GRC-

27. T-195 GR, R-278B/GRC-27. R-125'GR. MD-129A/GRC-27, T-235/ GRC 10. SB-22/PT;


COLLINS: Ï7L4, 7. 51X-2, 3. 618s, t 479S-3, 479T-2, 1882, 3. 4. 578-D^l, 578X-1, WP 101. 618M1, 51R-3, 6. 51V

INDICATORS: ID-250. 1, ID-337, ID 25 7, J D-307, ID-351 r ID 1103, ID* 637. ID 310, ETC.

TEST EQUIPMENT, AN/URM-25, AN/URM-26, SG-1A/ARN, AN/ URM-80. AN/URM-81. SG-2A/GRM, AN 'URM-32, AN ARM-8, SG-13/ ARN, AN/URM-48. AN/ARM-25, AN ARM 22, AN/ARM-65, AN/ ARM-5, SG-66/ARM, AN/USM-26, AN/UPM-98. AN/UPM-99, AN/ UPM-4A, MO-83A, AN/USM-16, AN'URM-43, AN/APM-66, AN/ APM68, TS 723/U, TS-757, AN/ UPM32, TV-7/U, TV-2/U, AN/ PRM-10, ME-11/U, AN/ARM-51, TS-710, TS 330, TS683t TS 382,

TS-621 # AN URM 52, TS-5L0A. AN/ URM-44. AN PSM-6B, AN/URM-7, AN/TRM-3, SG 24/TRM, ME-6, U, AN URM-14, AN GPM-15, ME-30A/ U, AN, USM-24, AN, USM-50, IP-11 l/ART-26, TS-497B, TS-403B, TS186D, TS-505D, TS 537, SG 12A/U, ETC.

RECEIVERS: AN APR 9. 13, 14, R-388/URR, R-388A, R-390. R-390Ar R-391. R-392, R-274, R 220. SP-600JX, 51J-2, 3, 4, 51S-1- ETC.

AiRCRAFT EQUIPMENT: AN/ARC-34, 44, 38, 52, 58P 27, 73, 84. ETC., AN/ARN-14, 21, 59, 67. AN/APN-70, 81T 84, 22, AN APS-20E, 81, 100.

Call or write today (collect, at our expense) for our generous, better-than-anyplace else quotation- Call now before "we get more of what you got than we need"

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