Denson's 20th Anniversary

Al Demon has just brought out a fat, 96 page twentieth anniversary catalog lull of \ , ATV, test equipment, ham gear, surplus, TV camera kits, etc., etc. You'll spend hours looking at this catalog, drooling over the contents every minute. It's also got lots of schematics, conversions, informal ion about equipment and other interesting data. If you're a builder, youve got to get this one. Write to Al Denson, Rockville, Conn., and ask for catalog 965-S1,

Lafayette Spring Catalog

If you haven't gotten Lafayette's new Spring catalog, number 663, be sure to write them and ask for a copy. Address is 111 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, L. L, N. Y, 11791.

Scientific Associates VHF Converters

The new Scientific Associates solid-state converters come in tunable and fixed frequency models for IIF and VHF reception. An interesting feature is built-in squelch that can easily be connected to the receiver the converters are used with, Tbe> come in many

models at prices from $24 to $35 and you can get details from SLA., P.O. Box 276, S. Glastonbury, Conn.

Mosley Lancer

Mosley's new Lancer 1000 2 kw mobile five band antenna offers a lot of features to the ham. It's made of stainless steel, and uses interchangeable coils for all bands but ten, which is fed direct. If all coifs are bought together, they come in an attractive coil caddy for easy, safe storing. For more information, write Mosley at 1610 i Andbergh Blvd., Bridgetun, Missouri 63042. *

GE Compactron Catalog

Compactrons have made quite a mark in the TV industry. As usual, this has brought many dividends to hams. The small, reliable, multi-purpose Compactrons have many ham uses—and are being used by many ham manufacturers and ham builders, An interesting catalog of Compactrons and their advantages over other tubes is the new CE publication ETG-3983, which you can get by writing GET Schenectady, N. Y,

National Reduction Drives

National Radio lias recent!v announced a new line of 10:1 and 5:1 ball reduction drives that require only one inch-ounce input at no load, but can transmit outputs of 35-40 in-oz. They're smooth and virtually back-lash free. For more information on these drives, please contact National Radio, 37 Washington St., Melrose, Mass. 02176.

GE Semiconductor Guide

The new General Electric Semiconductor Almanac is a must for servicemen and experimenters alike. Under the slogan, "A few will do" GE has devised a cross index to all sorts of transistors, diodes and other components, that tells you which of the readily available GE Universal Replacement Transistors will replace which other transistors, etc. Like the RCA SK-line, these transistors (GE-1, GE-2, ctc.) are a little more expensive than some others you can use for similar applications, but unlike other transistors, are available at most distributors. Get your copy of the almanac at your local distributor*

Mosley Classic

Mosley's new Classic 33 tri band beam is their newest addition to the Trap-Master family, The Classic will handle 1 kw AM. CW or 2 kw PEP SSB and features a new type of matching developed by Mosley, Broad Band Capacitive Matching/' The beam features a long boom for excellent gain and assembled weight is on!) 60 lbs. For more information, write Moslev, 4610 North Lindbergh, Bridge*

ton, Missouri 63042.


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