Sao Paulobrasil

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and distinctive European origin; Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian blood of third-gen* e rati on Brazilians seems to make a happy combination with the Japanese product! ToW-heads, redheads, slant-eyed caJwclos of Indian descent are all Brazilians named Johnson, \\ hi taker, Pignatari, Giovanni or Takasaki. , . .

Head the trolley-car sign of destination: Brooklyn! Yes, it will take you to Brooklyn, a residential section of Sao Paulo, near another section called Indianapolis, On the way to Brooklyn you may drop off and walk down streets sounding so familiar to you Americans: Rua Nebraska, Rua Nova York, Rua California , ... If your teenagers ask for it, just look around and you will find it: Snack-Bar, cokes, hamburgers, ice-cream sodas. « . . Sears-Roebuck is just five minutes away with counters displaying perfect copies made in Brazil ol all those things to be found back home, The newsstands display New York papers just a few days old—and that certain TIM Ely magazine which is distributed in Brazil on the issues date! Brazilians are familiar with Little Joe of Bonanza—and with Flints tone adventures brought to us in TV tapes.

This is the town where PY2USA had to be created through imagination and originality, It is a radio club of the outstanding educational entity promoting closer relations with the U.S. since 1938—the well-known Uniao Cultural TirasihEstados Unidos, where 5100 pupils of all ages learn English and the American way of life by useful, practical and up-to-date methods. The organization occupies a modern building in an area almost the size of a city block. It is unusual in every detail because—well ? it is in Sao Paulo!

PY2U3A was official ¡y opened on November 26th last. Its rig had been sponsored by the Glencoe Rotary Club> of Illinois, through the efforts of W9JKC, lawyer Byron C. Sharpie. He was present for the ceremony, when a Brazilian Hag draping a plate on the wall was taken down by his own hands to reveal our humble tribute: PY2USA, Sala Byron C. Sharpe.

But this was just the initial step in our program of activities to foster better relations between Americans and Brazilians, the leading brotherhoods in this vast continent.

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