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J, L Taylor - W8EEC Manager, Electronic Sales

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for the first time... Hustler quality and reliability in a

Here's why the Hustler 4-BTV is the best trap vertical for the money,

• You'll get superb operation ... 40 through 10 meters. (Also 75 meters with a Super Hustler RM-75-S on top,)

• 4-BTV performs as a true vertical .. . not as a bent dipole.

• Optimum-G traps are individually and precisely tuned.

• 4-BTV handles full legal power on SSB,

• The lowest SWR (1.5 to 1 or better) and best bandwtdths are possible with the 4-BTV , . . and it outperforms alt other verticals.

• Vertical radiating sections between traps are tunable for peak performance.

• Sturdy heavy-walfed aluminum construction with stainless steel clamps and cycolac base resists all weather.

• Guying is not needed . . « only the smallest space is required to install on the ground, roof top or chimney clamp.

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