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Heathkit 100

* Featuring the SB-100 & HA-14 • Full kilowatt P.E,P, SS8 five band transceiver« 80-10 meters • Fixed or mobile operation with appropriate power supplies listed below • Built-in antenna change-over relays

* Built-in SWR meter • Operates PTT & VOX-Upper/ Lower sideband * Built-in 100 kc crystal calibrator

* Transceiver tuning with Heath LMO - 1 kc dial calibration

Here's A SSB Combo That Has It All Over The Competition In Power, Performance, And Versatility • * . Go "barefoot" with the SB-100 for 180 waits upper or lower sideband, or 150 waits C\V, if the going gets rough, or you need that extra sock for mobile operation, add the HA-14 with just a flip of a switch. Either way you'll enjoy truly linear tuning with the famous Heath Sli-Soites LMO . . * plus all the other many convenient operating features of ihe now-famous Heath tit SB Series,

Order The SB-100 & HA* 14 For The Best Value In High Power Transceiver Operation. We invite comparison of the complete SB-100 & HA-14 specs. (See coupon below, ) with those of any other make of SSB transceiver or combo* Compare for the ultimate in versatihy and value . , , consider circuit design as related io inherent stability, the use of quality components and fine mechanical construction, full five-band coverage, and resale value. You'll choose the SB-100 & HA-14,

Kit SB-100 $360.00

Kit HA-14

Kit SBA-100-1, SB-100 Mobile Mtg. Bracket $14.95 Kit HP-13, SB-100 Mobile Power Supply... .$59.95

Kit HP-14, HA-14 Mobile Power Supply $89.95

Kit HP-23, SB-100 AC Power Supply $39.95

Kit HP-24, HA-14 AC Power Supply $49.95

HOP-21, Microphone $29.40


See the wide array of Heathkit Amateur Radio Equipment available at tremendous do-it-yourself savings! Everything you need in "mobile" or "fixed" station gear with full descriptions and specifications , . . Send for Free copy!


Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022

plus shipping.

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