Two Categories To Choose From

Stontfard Duty Gtiyed îf> HcigMï of 37 54^88- 105

and M2 feot

Heavy Duty Salf Supporting and Guyed in Height* of 37 - 54 feel (55} 71 — 88 feet (guyed)


Eom of Operation—roller guides between sections assure easy, safe, friction-free raising and lowering. Strength — welded tubular steei sections overlap 3 feet iit maximum height for extra siurdin+ss and strength. Unique ROHN raising procedure ra\%*% oil se<tions together—uniformly with an et^uaJ section overlap at oil heights! Venotilily"designed to support the largest antennae with complete safety and a^suranee at any height deiiredl Simple Initallafion—install it yourself—use either flat hase or special tilting base (illustrated above) depending on your needs. Rated and Teited—entire line engineered so you can get exactly the right size and properly rated tower for your antenna. The ROHN line of towers is complete. Zini Galvamied — hot clipped galvanizing a standard-not an extra—with all ROHN towers! Prices start at less than $100, __ _ „

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