To use this as a formula giving C in microfarads, use I, the peak current to the final, in milliamperes and V, the final plate voltage, in kilovolts.

Note an economically fascinating fact about Iliis equation. For a given input power, as the plate voltage goes up, current goes down, and, effectively, the amount of capacitance goes down as the square of the voltage. Since, as you remember, the price of capacitors seems to go up about the same way, the money comes ont about even. But using this equation we're not misled into thinking that because a low voltage SSH rig uses 80|if filters we have to use SOtif at 3000 volts.

For example: a 1 KW PEP rig with 500

volts on the plates would draw 2 amperes on peaks and require from the formula an output capacitance of 410|if for a I dl> drop, running full bore. A 1 KW PEP rig with a 2 KV plate supply and 500 ma peaks would require about 26jif for the same 1 db drop:

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