Versatile Miniature Transformer

Same as used in W2EWL SSB Rig-March, 1956 QST Three sets of CT windings for a combination of impedances: 600 ohms, 5200 ohms, 22000 ohms. (By using centeMaps the impedances are quartered-. The ideal transformer for a SSB transmitter. Other uses: ,interstage, transistor, high impedance choke, line to grid or plate, etc. Size only 2" h„ x w. x W' d. New and fully shielded.

JL49 3 for J3.95, 10 for J12.5Q

PRECISION PLANETARY VERNIER for exceptionally fine tuning

Shown ¿Dpraximateíy actual SJIS

Superb craftsmanship Dy Jackson Bros, of England. Bali bearing drive, >/i" dia. Shaft 1W long: 6:1 ratio. Vy FB for fine tuning Eas¡¡y adaptable to any shaft. Comparable value Í5.95 Model 4511 DAF,

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