Vhf Nuvistor Printed Circuit Converters

MODEL 6 2MC-N. A very compact ] .a higti gain fori-

vprter 4 6CW4's. Ca^eode RF amp, oscillator triple and mixer. 6.3 v and 50-90 t. S/N 3/5 db. Size 2% x 4

CASCODE NUVISTOR LOW NOISE PRE-AMP. x 2". 27/30 mc. W mc, 144 mc< 20/40 dh. gain. Uses 2 6CW4's. Low frequency rommercial on request $5.00 pp "LITTLE GEM" 6 METER EXCITER AND TRANSMITTER RF SECTION, f> watts in, 3 waits out. ITses 1 6AU8 and S mc crystals. 2% x "This is tun to play with' — WA4NED S7.50 pp

All toned circuits now have Mylar iron core coil forms. The above unite are wired and tested, lesa tubes and crystals. For -nr mall from Tampa Airport, aid 25tf,

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