A. J. Bivens K5BEC


Ever wanted to keep the noise ]eve] down in your mobile station while other members

■ar of the family are trying to sleep* talk, or listen to the car radio? Have you ever wanted to hang a small speaker close to your ear so you wouldn't have to wear an ear phone and keep tangling in the cord?

Well, here ls a device that lias worked very well for the writer. It consists of a miniature back seat speaker (Lafayette order No. 99G6122) which may be ordered or purchased from most electronic stores, and a 59 cent cup towel rack purchased from a dime store.

If the rack has more than two bars they should be removed for better side vision. Mount the assembly as diagramed making sure to mount it on the side of the visor facing driver when visor is down. The speaker may then be swung out when needed or folded back and then lifted up with the visor when not in use. Lateral adjustment is done by swinging the rack and vertical adjustment by pushing or pulling the visor slightly at the bottom.

A heavy rubberband ma> be permanently

Views of the private listening speaker.

installed around the visor end near the speaker for holding the speaker against the visor when visor is in use but the speaker is not.

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