high power \ antenna at a tow power price r

Now . T . BIG-K . . . an improved Top-sider mobile antenna with one kilowatt p.e.p. coils/

Compare these new low prices for a KW rated mobile antenna!

Manufacturing costs have been lowered by quantity production, new techniques, Savings are passed along to the customer.

BIG-K retains hinged column with fast release, positive lock* lip — allows coil and top whip assembly to fold over. New . . . lower in price . , . better.

lKW coils only—except for TW 160

lKW coils only—except for TW 160

Fold-over mast and adjustable

Fold-over mast and adjustable whip for KW

75 meter coif 13,50

40 meter coil 8.95

20 meter coil 6*95

15 meter coil 6.25

10 meter coil 4.45

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