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Why WTW Now?

Details on 73'$ NEW Work the World Certificate for DXers

I suppose some of you are wondering why another DX award at I his time. The answer to this is very simple. This is not another DX award, this is the DX award. Don't call it just another DX award. DX awards come and go but this is the one that will stay with us, jp because it's the one award (lite only one I know of) tiiat will make you keep on your toes to stay on top.

Basically the WTW award is an award that either phone or cw stations can qualify for. They are both completely separated, there will be no mixing of the two together. If you want a phone award you will have to be in there on phone and work phone stations. The same goes for CW* Each band will stand on its own feet. There will he awards for 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters, 40 meters, 80 meters and even 160 meters. Each QSL card will have to indicate the band, mode, time, date, QTHt and signal report. For statistics we would even like to have the signal report sent arid received indicated on each QSL card_

This is not necessary but would be preferred. We will try to have a certification point in as many countries as possible under the jurisdiction ol a National Club, How about some volunteers from you clubs overseas?

The first WTW certificate requires 100 verifications to he submitted* The second certifi cate for 200 countries verified, then 300 for the top and the real TW certificate for 350, What's beyond the 350 country certificate is not known at this time. Maybe even a Moon-bounce certificate or one for Satellite relay later on Ü anyone ever works the required 100. This will be an award that intends to stay up to date. We are in the process now of getting "country lists" from the various clubs overseas. We will begin by using the ARRL country list and others will be added on as the suggestions are received from the overseas groups. I don't think the list will ever gel up to 400 countries, but it surely will be over 350. 73 Magazine will keep von informed, so watch 73 magazine very closely for all announcements from now on. Of course the certificate will be one ol the nicest and you will be proud to hang it on your wall. To cover our handling and mailing costs please enclose a one dollar bill. Overseas stations will be allowed to enclose seven IRC's to cover costs.

This DX award commences at 0001 GMT, May ist. 1966- All cards must have this date or a later (kite to certify for WTW. Until we announce the various certification places send your cards to: Cus, 73 magazine, Peterborough, New Hampshire. South American sta tions can send theirs to the Venezuela Radio Club, P.O. Box 2285, Caracas, Venezuela, South America, Later on there may be other clubs for other portions of South America. We will keep you well informed in 73 Magazine about the verification points.

At die end of the first 5 years (from May 1 to 31st Dec, 1966 will be considered the first year) your total will go down each year if you don't QSO the countries you worked 5 years before. WTW will be an award for active DXers, lie (op country totals will be listed in 73 Magazine. News about the WTW will of course be written about in 73 magazine.

Watch foi W4BPD on these frequencies at these times for latest info about WTW;—

14065--1400 GMT, and again at 2100 GMT

( this is CW) 14275 + or - 1500 GMT and again at 2200 GMT (SSB). Starting about July 5th. Of course if I am out of my QTH at these times I will not be on- I would like to gather DX information and be able to give it out also during these periods of operation, I have even been thinking (but not seriously) about a weekly DX bulletin later on. How about a post card from everyone who would subscribe to such a thing?

New comers have mentioned to me many times that they have no chance to ever get caught up with the old timers. The WTW will be run by DXers for DXers—not 75 meter rag chewers, 80 meter traffic handlers, or phone patchers. We know what DX is and what the DXers want. 1 think we will give them what they want with WTW, ; he overseas groups have always looked upon the DXCC as an American award and some of their opinions vary considerably trom ours as to what they think is or is not a country. We think they will like the WTW and will look upon it as something they have a little sayso in since they will at least have a chance to help select i he countries to be included in the WTW country list.

I have had many complaints about QSL cards that were mailed to the USA for verification apparently becoming lost or even stolen. W hen we have our overseas certification points selected we think this t>pe of a complaint will [practical]y cease, or at 'east will be considerabh lessened, I think we all will admit that we need as much activity as possible on every band right now, because of the next frequeue) allocation conference that will be coming up soon. You can bet that all of our frequencies are being eyed by the various services as possible good hunting grounds. Oh yes, we are being surveyed very carefully and all the wide open frequencies that we don't use will certainly be mentioned when this frequency allocation conference takes place.

To help keep the commercials out of our bands please pick out one of them when tuning up, checking your keying, checking your SWR, testing, etc. And then there is no law that says you can L call CQ on their frequency. Sign your call every ten minutes to satisfy our FCC. Of course run full power during these times, I mean full power* We must fight fire with fire and many of them can be discouraged ii enough fellows share their frequencies. Wayne lias the right idea about this. Maybe a planned operation of this sort might some day come about—who knows. I myself would like to keep our frequencies clear and this is one way to at least start clearing them up. More power to you all on tliis suggestion. Remember some of that RriTY around 14090 to 14100 is Ham, so don't do your monkey business on top of them. It would be real nice to have a RTTY receiver to be sure of fellows around these frequencies.

Future DXp edit ions by me—oh yes things are moving nicely along these lines. Another thing, I want to sort of wait a while to see what the WTW boys will be needing and also what will be included in some of the overseas suggested country lists. By July I'll know better what you fellows will be needing.

WTW is not in competition with any other award. 1 think that DXCC has had their day, WAZ has had theirs, the WPX has sort of slowed down (with some fellows it never even got started) and from now on the WTW will take their places—and keep it for a ong time.

We at 73 Magazine want everyone of you to know this is your award. We are always open to suggestions from the gang, and if it's a good one it will most certainly be considered. As for myself, 1 am for anything that will make you fellows happy. By this I mean the DXers. Of course DXing is not the only thing in Ham Radio. You fellows who like Rag Chewing, Contest operating, phone patching, testing out new antennas or equipment—you keep right on doing what you like. I am for you ¡00 percent. Can you picture the bedlam in our bands if even one w as a DXerr I myself think the DXer is tops—he has to have good equipment, eood antennas, be a good operator, lenow geography, and be on his toes all the time to keep up with the other DXers, Good luck to you all on the WTW, I wonder who will gei certificate Number ONE for each band and each mode?-LETS GO FELLOWS

AT 0001 GMT MAY 1st, 1966,

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