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Aleo, 157 Algert, 75

Alitroriics Howard, 96

Alvaradio, 155

American Crystal, 96

Amrod, 96

ARC, 157

Arnold, 157

Arrow Soles, 116-117

Atlantic Research, 41

ATV Research, 83

BC Electronics, 122-123

Bigelow, 119

Burghardt, 85

Callback, 29

Caveat Emptor, 88

Columbia, 110-1 U

Communications Sales, 150

CushCroft, 158

Dahl, 116

Oenson, 10B109

Devices, 155

Dow Radio, 149

Editors and Enqincers, 57

Edwards, 69, 93

Epsiion, 157

Evans, 91

EZ Antenna Mount, 79 Fair Radio, 156 FM Surplus Sales, 112 Fugle, 95

Gadgetecrs, 104 Goodheart, 128-129 Gordon, 144-148 Glass, m, 133 Govt Warehouse, 156 Gotham, 96 Grove, 159

Hoyden, 138 Heffron, 106 Henry, 37, 65 Noising ton, 79 HyGain, 49

International Crystal, 3 JAN Crystals, 98-102 Lumpkin Labt, 75

Liberty, 103

McCall, 97

MacoH 91

Marin, 97

Meshna, 120, 121

Metro, 127

Midway, 96

Mission, 89

Mosfey, 58, 59

Newsome, 135

Nutronics, 30, 81

Norman, 156

Parametric Amplifiers. 44

Parks, 157

Partridge, 63

PolyPaks, 142, 143

Quaker, 114

Radio Products Sales, 87

RW, 11S

Rohn, 4

Salch, 83

Sanders, 45

SBE, 23

Selectronics, 136-137 Step, 105

Sound History, 153 Space, 107 Spera, 126 Swan, Cover 2 Tech Systems, 1 54 Ttlemorine, 124, 125 Telrex, 22 Tepabco, 153 Topaz, 53 Top Sales, 139 Translate 95 Trfstao, 96 Tack, 97

Vanguard, 72, 73 VHFER, 156 Waters, 5 Webster, 27 WickJiffe, 67 Witson, 115 WRL, 128, Cover 3 73 Subscriptions, 67

T-iiO excellent novice transmitter for sale-Ç35 plus shipping, WA4PIT James Marler, Jr. Box 176, Mound-ville, Alabama 35474.

HEATH GC-1A receiver, rugged, portable, good condition $50, GC- A AC power supply, Ç10* KiRWP 1 Dick Crow, The Meeting School, Rindge. New Hampshire.

HW-12 80 meter SSB transceiver $85.00. Lincoln 6 meter transceiver 530.00. will ship, K5CRL, 403 N Burdette Avenue, Sherman, Texas 75090.

NATIONAL NCX-3, NCX-A ac supply, original owner. Like new condition, $250. Ray Peterson, K3TKK, 1611 Nathaniel Mitchell Road, Dover, Delaware 19901, Tel. 302-734-5049.

WANTED BUNNEL COOTIE-CUE or similar side-swiper. Please inch parcel post in your price. Ted Jespersen. 56 E, Broadway, Roslyn, L. L, New York 11576

TR-3RV3-AC supply $475. Swap 4-10(10 Socket for good 4-1000 tube. Jack McVicar, 2127 Adel, Janesville, Wisconsin.

DRAKE TR-3? good condition, only $425, will ship. Contact. WB6BOD, 2650 Teal Place, San Diego, Cali-ion lia 02123 or call 7\4 -277*2511,

RME 4300 and 4301 $100.00, HE-45B and HE-61 vfo 5100.00. Ameco CB-6 converter 28mc. IF §15,00, Home brew 6 mtr transmitter, 15 watts, power, supply, am, relay $30.00* Knight vfo $14,00, 2-BDT trap ant. $10,00. All working. First $235.00 takes all. FOB, D L. Cana-dy K90PL. Box 324, Westville, Indiana 46391.

HALUCKAFTERS HT-41 grounded grid linear. Piate power input low drive 1000 watts PEP, C\V GOO waits, AM 300 watts. High drive 1200 PEP, CW 700 watts, AM 350 watts. Two spare 7094 tubes to go with the above linear, HT-41 like new. Sealing because I got a HT-338. George Snow K3GVZ, Box 105, Callery, Penn. ]6024. Phone 412-538*5481.

DOUGHNUTS that are selling like hotcakes. High "Q'' R, F. Toxoid Kit: 2 cores, wire» Complete Easy Instructions. Revive receivers. Make Baluns and other Goodies. $1.50 plus 10r postage. Arni-Tron Associates 12033 Otsego Street. North Hollywood, California 91607.

SP-600JX-28 with built In product detector, complete with cabinet, speaker, and instruction manual, $289 F O B. W5NTQ, Paul Kati, 3709 Reid Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78411.

INSTRUCTO GRAPH, LIOVAC, 60 cycle, with oscil ator and tube installed in case, complete with ten code tapes and instruction book. Bought new for S51.75. Used very little. Sell for $35. Will deliver anywhere on easl coast between Boston and Philadelphia area 1 travel. Write: JPR, PO Box 504, Westport, Connecticut

SX 101-3-4—matching speaker $150,00 pick up only, Martin Rexsen WEFEI 493 Oxford Road, Cedarhurst. INLY, 11516. Tel. 516-Ce 9-2411.

HAMMAK1AJXD HQ-I10A. Excellent condition and in original carton. SI60 or a trade of good VHF gear. Frank Wargocki WA3AYW, 2602 Orthodox Street.. Philadelphia, Ferma. I9I37, Phone 215-743-4251,

HT44 $210. PS150AC S7G, SX 117 S250. Al) power and transceive cabling, manuals, and original shipping cartons. Guaranteed like new condition. Photo and or sked on request Shahan W5END 4110 Knotty Oaks, Houston, Texas, TEL JD3-2944.

FAULTLESS DRAKE TR-3 for sale. Complete with AC-3/MS-3 and DC-3. All in excellent condition—like new. $575.00 for everything. Gary Goldberg WA2FAS, 221 Clark Street, Hillside, N.J. 07205,

FOR SALE APR-4 receiver tunes 39-4000 Mc. Panadapter APa-11 pulse analyzer, ti meter transceiver. Peter Donneau W1YIX, II Blanche Ave., Cumber-tend, R.I.

NEW 55 AMP Delco Remy Alternators and Regulators from 1965-66 Oldsmobtles. $35.00 per set. Bob Beving-ton iK5BFQ), 509 Hardin, Blythevllle, Ark.

POPULAR ELECTRONICS—Jan. 58 to Dec. 65. QST-Jan. 58 to Dec. 64. All in excellent condition. Best ofTer for each or both sets gets them. J. Dernier, 318 Garfield, Hastings, Nebraska 68901

BLUEBOOK prices save money. Take 10% off these prices without trade-Ins. Galaxy 300—S719.00; NCL2000—S479.00; NCX3—$209.00; Communicator III/ 6M—$149.00: HT-37—$269.00; SX117—$259.00; SR150— S379.00: HW12—$119.00; DX100—$99.00; SR46—S159.00; AF67—$59^00; Valiant I—$169,00; Communicator IV 6M —5189.00: hundreds more. Free list, WRL, LEO, W0GFQ. Box 919, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

SILVER PLATING: It may cost far less than you expect, to have your tank circuits silver plated. Address inquiries to; Jim Knapp WA2KIQ, Knapp Electroplating Co., P.O. Box #154, Wayne, N.J, 07470

QSL CARDS??? Largest variety samples 25c. Sakkers, W8DED, Holland, Michigan (mention "73"),

QSL, SWL, CB, and WPE cards different designs, Samples 10<i. Nicholas & Son Printery PO. Box 11184 Phoenix, Arizona 85017

WHY PAY $50, SI00? Learn NEW W3YKQ QUAD concepts. BUILD COMPLETE DX weather-proof, wind-proof Tri-bandert less than S1U. Cash—M.O. plans, only $10 c/o 73.

HAMTEST Severn Springs Resort June 19, 1966. Advance registration $1.50. For more information Write Somerset County Amateur Radio Club, Box 17 Ursina, Pennsylvania.

VHF FIXED-TUNED RCVR, 108-152 mcs+ Divco-Wayne type RV-7. Never used. $50. Photos for SASE. Tom KoIvekP 108 Glad Dr,P Roselie, III. 60173

WANTED: Tower C0-7Q ft. heavy duty galvanized. Free standing till over crank up or self supporting type. M. Rothberg, 442 East Harrison St.. Long Beach, New York, Tel. (516) GE 1-4688

GONSET GSB-100 $16r>; GSB-101 Linear $150; SB-300 Receiver $235; All A-l manuals included. Steve HofT KpIDY 2010 N. Elsie Ave., Davenport, Iowa

MAKE OFFER for any or ail. Heath HW-32 and supply, monitor 'scope, matchbox and coupler, Globe Scout 680. Stamp for list of parts, test equipment Scott Norman, 9900 Merrill, Chicago, I1L

TR-3 & Husky AC Supply. Excellent Condition. S429.00 Will take Galaxy III. V. or HW-12 in trade, W5NGX— 20S Pal Si.—LcvellancL Texas 7933G

SB-33 TRANSCEIVER with SBI-MIC—S185; SB1-LA Linear—$150; TA-32 Jr—$25; 2BDQ Hy-Gain—$10; Johnson Los Pass Filler—Si0; Heath SWR Mtr—$10; Heath Cantenna—$10. Save $30—Entire Package—$370. Jim Gay, WA8JZX, RR^rl Box I20XX, Port Clinton,

Ohio Tel 797-2553.

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