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The model 301 uses 3 of the very latest type epitaxial planar UHF transistors for unsurpassed gain and low noise at all frequencies. It can operate from 6 to 18 volts (positive or negative ground) without any significant change in gain or frequency. The circuit consists of a tuned R.F. amplifier, crystal controlled oscillator and a fow noise mixer, More than 30 high quality parts carefully assembled and tested. Sensitivity is better than V4 micro-volt for a 6 db signal to noise ratio even at 160 mc*

Enclosed in a sturdy 16 gauge, 3ifc" x 25V' x W aluminum case with mounting ears, transfer switch and two 50-239 (UHF) receptacles.

100% made in the USA

2 year guarantee on all parts including transistors!

Free 24 hr. SPECIAL DELIVERY anywhere in the U,S,A. if you send a money order or cashiers check. No shipments made on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and 2 weeks in August


9 volt battery eliminator with 110 volt cord. Only $2.95 ppd.

R.F. cable adapters in 6\ 12" or 18" lengths with PL-259 plug on one end (mates with converter). Other end your choice of Motorola mole or female, RCA, BNC or PL-259. Price SI.25 each postpaid cable with 2 plugs.

For prompt shipment please include postal money order or cashier's check, CODJs must include 20% deposit New York City residents add 5% sales fax New York State residents odd 2% sales tax

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