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BC-453 Series Receivers

Simplest Conversion

The LSC-453 series receivers can still be obtained from surplus houses or the junkboxcs of neighboring hams. ! lis series receiver, while not very selective, is still quite useable as a regular ham band receiver (when the bauds aren't too crowded), or as a receiver used in conjunction with an hf ol vhf converter- There have been several published conversions for this receiver; however, most of these are involved and do more than just get these receivers working. This article describes a very simple, step-by-step conversion process which will get this receiver operating into a pair of earphones inside two hours, provided you have an available power supply,

The conversion process described in this article was developed and tested on several BC-454 receivers; however, the instructions also applv to the BC-453 (190-550 kc), the BC-455 (6-9 mc), and the BC-946B (5201500 kc),

Filament conversion

Refer to Fig. I to make the following conversion steps to put the iilaments in parallel. Step 1—Remove bottom plate from receiver. Step 2—Unscrew the capacitors above sockets B, E, and F in order to gain access to the tube sockets. Step 3—Observe wire running from pin 7 of socket A to pin 2 of F. Disconnect this wire from pin 2 of F and connect to pin 7 of F. Step 4—Observe wire running from pin 7 of C to pin 7 of Et Disconnect from pin 7 of E and connect to pin 2 of E, Ground pin 7 of E. Step 5—Remove the wire running from pin 2 of D to pin 7 of B. Ground pin 2 of D, Rim new wire from pin 7 of D to pin 7 of B.

All of the filaments are now in parallel

George was formerly W3Z/G. He's a physicist (13.S- Muhlenberg) with General Dynamics/ Electric Boat and has published a hook f The Asian Tide and Other Poems.'*

Step 6—Screw the capacitors back in place and put the bottom plate back on.

Wiring front panel adapter

The following parts will be needed to complete the conversion: I-sp,s.t. toggle switch for bfo switch, 1-earphone jack, -small 20 k pot. (anything between 5 k and 50 k will work) this pot must be physically small so it can be mounted on front cover plate. Step 7—Remove small cover plate from the front panel of the receiver. Remove the female plug from this cover and discard.

Step S—Drill this cover plate to take the jack, switch, and pot- (no parts layout is given for this step since it is assumed junkbox parts will be used. Needless to say, junkbox parts vary considerably.)

Step 9—Make the connections as shown in Fig. 2 by soldering directly to the exposed pins. Step 1.0—Screw the cover plate back on to the receiver being careful not to short the components on the cover plate.

Power connections

Fig. 3 shows the power connections to be made to the dynaxnotor socket on the top-rear of the receiver. If your receiver still has the dynamotor attached, remove it completely and add it to the junk box, B plus voltage of 100 to 220 vo ts may be used. I use a B f voltage

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