The new Electro-Voice 602F handheld dynamic mike is especial]) designed for mobile and other high noise applications with its noise cancelling features. The G02F has a positive, highly reliable detent switch and the whole mike is ruggedly built. Price is $57.50 from E-V distributors. You can get more information from Lynea Dalrymple (!) at Electro-Voice in Buchanan, Michigan 49107.

Tiny Tor

Uet you'd like one of these—and you can afford it, too. It's the Tiny Tor alternator that supplies up to 350 watts 115 volts AC, 6/12 volts DC—yet it weighs only 12 lbs., is onK 7!i x 10?4 x 8Ji'% is all-metal in construction, requires no batteries for starting and uses a high quality Ohlssen and Rice % HP, 2 cycle recoil start engine. The price is a fantastic $79,50 and it's fully guaranteed: Algert Sales, 1805 Wilshire Blvck Los Angeles, California 90057.

Knight-Kit 6 Meter Transceiver

The new Knight-Kit TR-106 6 meter transceiver is going to attract a lot of attention. It covers 50-52 MHz on receive with mivistor rf stage for a ,5 uv sensitivity, and 8 kHz bandwidth. I lie receiver is double conversion, so has high image and if rejection. The transmitter runs about 15 watts input to the final with high level plate and screen modulation. The TR-106 uses 8 MHz crystals or the Knight V-107 VFO. Both AC and transistor 12 volt DC power supplies are built in. Price for the transceiver kit is a low $139.95 and the VFO kit is $19,95. They're sold by Allied Radio, 100 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60680.

UHF Semiconductors from TI

Texas Instruments has recently introduced some new UHF and microwave semiconductors that look interesting. One is a Schottky-Barrier UHF mixer diode (TIV305) ideal for UHF tuners and microwave mixers. It has a typical noise figure of only 6 db at 900 MHz (mc) and a very low total capacitance to reduce the possibility of interference to other receivers. Local oscillator power requirements are very small, too. One of its big advantages is very rugged construction—it uses no delicate cat whiskers for contact. Price is S3.25 for one. Anol her new product is a microwave germanium planar transistor ( TIXM103 and 104) that can replace TWTs, tunnel-diode amplifiers and paramps—economically. Its a good amplifier and offers up to 6.5 db gain at 3 GHz with a 5.5 noise figure. Typical NF at 1.5 GHz is 3.8 db. 1 he price is $82.50 apiece for the 103 (takes three to replace a TWT), but compare that to typical TWT\s at $2600. Also, they're much smaller, last longer and take much less power. Another TI semiconductor is the TIXS39, an NPN epitaxial! planar silicon transistor icfeal for transmitters. It features low IM distortion, fT over I GHz, typical power gain of 13 db at 200 MHz and 3 watts dissipation. Yon can get more info Froir. your TI distributor or TI Tech Service, P.O. Box 5012, Dallas, Texas 75222.

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