For Closed Circuit Or Amateur Tv

• Measures only 2V4" x 4" x T {excluding tens and connectors).

• Advanced circuitry utilriinq 35 semiconductors most of which are silicon.

• Resolution quarantcccf to excced best capabilities of standard 525 line TV receivers,

• Field-effect input circuit provides noise-free video. This is a VANGUARD exclusive,

• RF output 30,000 microvolts adjustable for channels

• Video output 1.5 V p-p composite with standard negative sync.

• Viewable pictures obtainable from as low os \ ft. candle of illumination to bright sunlight,

• Vjdicon controlled automatic tight compensation eliminates electric eye and provides error-free compensation for light level changes of up to 120 to 1.

• New VANGUARD "Hl-fl" vidicon enables use of any 8 mm movie lens instead of 16 mm lens required by other TV cameras,

• Electronically regulated power supply and thermally compensated circuits eliminate change in picture quality when line voltage and temperature fluctuate.

• All parts guaranteed for 1 year (except for open filament orr Vidicon or brcakaqo}. Made in USA.

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