Ibm Wired Memory Frames

Removed from high priced computers, Exlnt condition,

MEMORY DRUM w/drive motor, 40 read-write heads $100,00

SPECIAL ★ SPECIAL * 2 amp silicon rectifier, 1,000 pîv $10 dozen

ANALOG OUTPUT electronic timer. 2 electric motors, one with gear train driving precision pot., the other for re-set. One rev, per 8 hours, output on precision pot, Made for Veeder Root $1.50

RUNNING TIME METER indicates total running time to 9999.99 hours. Use it for time-rn-use of motors, oii burners, machines, etc. Operates from I 15 volt AC 60 cycle $4.50

CANADIAN AIR FORCE carbon mike noise cancelling, made by Electro Voice. Unused $1,25

MARINE-POLICE-FIRE CONVERTERS. 3 mod els 2-3 mc, 30-50 mc, 100-200 mc. Simple to use with any car radio. Build it yourself kit with instructions $5.00 any model, Completely built, ready to use $15,00 any model.

88 MH TOROIDS, Two types available. Open and potted. Used for many applications such as power supplies and teletype.

Open style 50c ea., 12/$5,00 Potted style 65c ea., 12/$6.00

TELETYPE RAPER. 8K2" wide, single, manifa. $1 per roll. Case of 12 rolls $10

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