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By peaking the trimmers on top of the tuner on a weak signal, also adjusting the turret coils inductance, sensitivity will >e increased considerably.

The IF frequency of this receiver is 15.1 MHz, so the oscillator coil has to tune the IF above the frefuency, such as 65.1 MHz for 6 meters, A 3 x 5 inch speaker was mounted on the opening in the front panel, and wires run to the terminal board on the right hand side of the receiver. Channel 2 coils were used for 6 meters, channel 7 coils used for 2 meters, and channel 13 coils for 220 MHz,

Rewire any of the other coils for the lover bands. You might want to wind a set of coils for 136 MHz, and listen to our satellites. With a grid clipper and a few parts, you will have a reliable receiver that won't take a back seat to any converter,

Connect all wires and with appropriate dial and knobs, you are in business - * . K3HIL

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