Telephone handset with butterfly Switch & std. mike plug PL68 plus Std. phone ptug


Indicator Light

1—Control panel (Vol. control & binding posts)

1—Heavy duty weather proof pole mounting steel box with handset hanger

Box #2 Control & Junction Box

Contains 1-—Steel weather proof pole mounting box

I—Spring loaded SPST Toggle Switch

1—-4 pole single throw toggle switch

1—Indicator Lamp Ass'y-

2-—Conduit Coble Connectors


Contains 14 ft, Flexible conduit

35 ft. Wire

Hardware Kit (clomps, nuts, bolts etc.)

4 lamps LM 44 (12-16V) 2 lamp lens 1 toggle switch

1 instruction & installation manual,

This unit is excellent for use outside on o Pole or Buiiding—on the farm etc. or anywhere that outside telephones are required. Also, the handset itself is a natural for the mobile installation with the press-to-talk feature for the HAM or C

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