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CLEGG 22 EH, Johnson VFO, excellent $190T Hammar-lund HQ 180 AC New $295, Johnson Matchbox and SWR Bridge 1KW PEP #250-23-3 New $70, All in factory packing. WA2LIM 212-461-1779 or 146-31 60th Avenue. Flushing, New York 11355.

LIKE NEW'. Viking 2 and 122 vfo, $90; Mosley CM-1 receiver, speaker, Q multiplier, S10G; HA-1 keyer, Vibroflex paddle, S70; Two8er, many excellent modifications, crystals, vfo. mobile supply, S65. Sorry, no shipping. Alan, WA6MOW tel. 213 447-4469.

COLLECTORS ITEM—all volumes Rider Troubleshoot-ers Manuals: Schematics for hundreds of old radios beginning 1900 on: Western, Atwater-Kent. United, Detrola, International, etc. $44.00. Motorola 6 FM (52.525) Coffin Box transmittal/receiver. Perfect, 12 vdc/110 vac ps S70.00. VOX new printed circuit board with all capacitors, sockets, resistors, $11*00 All FOB, Richard 1VL Jacobs, WA0A1Y. 1015 Glenside Place. University City, Missouri 63J30.

IMMACULATE! Drake R-4 receiver, Ms-4 speaker $300.00. Drake T-4X XMTH, AC-3 Power supply $360.00. Norris. W0JKV, 1623 Steele Street. Denver, Colorado 8020G. 303-388-G977.

WANTED: For Antique Tube Collection: Arcturus Blues, Western Electric, Hytron, Machlett, Zahl Tubes, and Incandescent lamps of 1900 era. Vern Thompson W9JWW, 1403 South Fourth Street, Ettingham, Illinois.

EXCELLENT CONDITION; Hallicrafters SX-101-III §150. Eico 720 §50. 722 $35. John Andrews K1VHO, 290 Brlgham Hill Road, Grafton, Mass. 8392630

ELM AC PMR-üA RECEIVER with AC power supply, in excellent condition, best ofïer. J. McKee, 52-30 39th Avenue, Woodside, N,Y. OL 1-1610,

UTICA 6-METER Transceiver with CW, like new, Heath SB300, accessories, excellent. WA1BTE, Paul R. Letourneau, 1 Letourneau Street, Rochester, New Hampshire,

GALAXY III, matching speaker, Heath Mobile supply, etc. S265- Perfect. Take F. W. Ranger 2 in trade. J, O. Aber, Camsteo, New York 14823,

NATIONS I 6\2 converter, six and two nieler input, 14-1S me output, factory-wired, built-in power supply $30. Al Inn Weaver. KIIPT, Box 5214, McGuire AFB, New Jersey 0S641.

TAPE'PONE TWO METER 417A converter like new. 30-35 mc output S35. Hallicrafters S-38 E S20. Allan Weaver, KlIPT, Box 51'14, McGuire AirB, New Jersey. 08641

NEW COAXIAL RELAYS 12vde coil,, 150 watts up to 470 mc. no connectors, secured coax leads; antenna-2" RG58. xmitter-12" RG58, receiver-8" KG188 $2.00 postpaid USA Sid Emmons KfiZES. 660 WilLowcrest, Galion, Ohio 44833,

WANTED BRITISH EL 37 DX transmitter reasonable, Box 185, Myrtle Beach, S C.

VW OWNERS 6 volt transistorized power supply, Heathkit HW 32. 20 Mtr, 200 W. PEP SSB Transceiver. Hustler 20 mtr. antenna, PTT mike and speaker. No changes to car wiring necessary. First cert, check for $173.0(1. takes all or make offer. D. Crosby, 147 Charter Circle, Ossining, New York. 914 Rogers 2-1638,

DX-100 140 watts owt cw 125 phone. HQ]80 c rcvr matching speaker switching relay and gain tri-bander antenna $450.00. Larry Parlin, KlRWN, Box 181T Franklin, Mass. 02038.

ESTATE SALE and bargain list. Send for it and include 3SAE. Write Paradd Sales and Engineering Service, 280 Route 10- Dover, New Jersey 07801,

WANTED DE.AD OR ALIVE one Tape-Tone 2 meter converter and/or schematic- I. F. output may be 26-30 M, C\ S* or 28-30 M* C- S. State Price. ML R. War dean, K6QXE, 4130 Tnglewood Rlvd,P Los Angeles 66, California.

BLACK WIDOW SPECIAL G meters, vfo, 35 watts in, ac and dc supplies mile and mobile mount S150.00* Clegg Zeus $450.00 interceptor $275.00, All perfect condition with manuals. \V. R. Moths, W3K1Z, Flint Hill Road. Coopersburg 1, Penna. 18036,

COVVJ KTERS. World's largest selection of frequencies. Ham TV vidicon cameras and parts at low factory-direct prices. See them all now in our full page ad in this issue, Vanguard Labs, 196-23 Jamaica Ave., Hoi lis, N.Y, 11423.

WE WILL PAY CASH: Wanted, popular, late model unmodified amateur equipment. Highest prices paid for dean, good operating gear. Write Graham Radio, Dept. 10N Reading, Massachusetts.

TECHNICAL MANUALS* Signal Corp., Some of the available manuais R-390.A, SP-600, BC-610. 1-177, TV-7, teletype manuals, test equipment. World's largest list 10^. Quaker Electronics, Hunlock Creek, Pa.

AKE YOU SINCERE? Are you really looking for the best deal on a new or fully guaranteed used unit? Let us convince you with a ¡specific quote that will really save you money. Graham Radio, Dept. 10, Reading. Massachusetts.

SIX METERS: Utica 650/vfo never used. First offer over $140 takes it, WA7ETE Tr. #2 Box 2ÜT Mt. Vernon, Wisconsin 98273.

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