Jk Flipflop

Clips for discrete components are mounted in the usual manner. If you want to try for PC board mounting, go ahead, but I think you will need a double-sided board. A note on wiring; The clip spacing is small and there's little "oom to work. Wiring is a bit easiei if you use #24 or #26 tinned wire and slip some sleeving over each lead as it is wired. Don't forget the power wiring! Pin S of every can goes to +Y; pin 4 to grout id, After all wiring is completed, turn the board over, clamp it in place and solder the ICs in, after first pre-tinning each clip. I fold each IC lead in turn with tweezers while soldering. Phere are 104 such connections; don't rush the job. Ground pin 6 to F-5 and F-6,

Sources for the ICTs

For x*easons unknown to me, some of the major suppliers do not seem to handle Fair-child semiconductors. However, other distributors do- The quoted small-quantity prices are $3.95 each for the Flip-Flop and $1.65 each for the gates. To order, specify Fairchild JH F1 ip-Flop, type UX8992328X. 1 he gate is the Dual 2-input gate, type UX8991428X. A letter to Fairchikl Semiconductor, 313 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California will get you a list of distributors who stock the G's.

Simplified keyer

If you don't want i be memories the cost goes down a bit Simply omit F-l, F-3, G-l, and G-3, Tie the F-2 and F-4 Set inputs to +V and the Clear inputs to ground. If you want to eliminate only (he dash memory, omit F-3. Disconnect G-3, but G-], in the same can, is still required. These simplifications will reduce power supply load and you will have to readjust T\t of Fig, 6,

Some final comments

The current through the key paddle is on the order of 400 microamperes. At this low level it is essential that the key contacts are kept clean, and further, that the continuity between system ground and the key lever be kept constant- This circuit may include a

(c) 8991426 DUAL 2-iNPUT GATE

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