Lampkin A Fm Modulation Meter

Tunable 25 to 500 MC any channel. Direct reading. Light weight. Measures peak swing 0-12,5 and 25 KC 5290*00. Quad-Scale model $340.00,


LAMPKIN LABORATORIES, INC MFH Division, Bradenton, Fla. 33505

At no obligation to me, please send me free booklet "HOW to MAKE MONEY in MOBILE-RADIO MAI NTENANCE"—and data an Lampkin meters.




578, SCR-585, SCR-593, SCR-608, SCR-610, SCR-624, SCR-628, SPR-], SPR-2, TBS, TBW, TBX, TBY, TCK, TCSt TG-34, TS-34/AP, TS-251/UP, VRC, VVX-1.

The other CQ book, the Surplus Conversion Handbook by Tom Kneitel K3FLLS ($3) contains conversion on these pieces of gear:

ARC-1, ARC-3 , ARC-4, ARC-5, ARC-36, ARC-49, ART-13, ATA, ATC-1, BC-191F, BC-224, BC-312, BC-314, RC-343, BC-344, BC-348, BC-375E, BC-453, BC-454, BC-455, BC-457A, BC-458A, BC-459A, BC-603, BC-£04, BC-620, BC-624A, BC-625A, BC-659, BC-669, BQ683, B0684, BC-696A, BC-779, BC-794, BC-946, BC-1004, BC-I068A, CBY-52232, PE-73, PE-103, R-129/U, RAX-L SCR-177, SCR-I 88, SCR- i 93, SCR-274N, SCR-399, SCR-499, SCR-508, SCR-509, SCR-510, SCR-522? SCR-528, SCR-542, SCR-608, SCR-609, SCR-628,

Cheap Coil or Choke Forms

Not liking to pay the price for Z-144V, I consulted the % tay '62 issue o! 73, page 99, to obtain data for a 2 meter choke coil. 1 he form size specified was inch, not a standard size arouiKi my shack. The cost oJ commercial forms of tliis size was out of the question (when you Ye as Scotch as I am). Next step: take a inch diameter polystyrene rod and cut a section to required length for winding the choke,

To make the form, prepare polystyrene rod as shown in the photo, Then hold section of polystyrene rod in vise or some other secure manner. Now lake lengths of #18 or #20 wire, depending on strength desired in the leads. Place length of wire against end of polystyrene rod in center, carefully apply enough heat with soldering iron to cause the wire to penetrate deep enough into the polystyrene rod for good mechanical strength, then remove heat and let set. Repeat for other end,

After both lengths of wire are firmly set, wind desired choke. Care should be exercised in soldering coil wire to wire leads. A heat sink is recommended to avoid excessive movement of leads.

This inexpensive method of making rf chokes is used quite successfully at my QTH.

Enough power to operate any popular 55B xmittr pius separate DC output to charge 6 and 12 volt batteries. Great far vacations, field days, campers, Model TT35 boats, etc. May be used for soldering irons, power tools, tv sets and many other uses. Thousands have been sold to US and foreign govts*, armed services, police depts. etc. Fully guaranteed.

Olllv $79 50 from: Ai9ert Sales Co winy /«jv 1805 wiishire bivd,, la

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