Q.J.B. echo ranging equipment, Brond new,

Receiver 10-30 KC $35.00; Osc. 10-30 KC $35.00; Driver Amplifier 22-28 KC $35.00.

All 3 units for $100.00

Berkley counting rate computer, model 1600 75.00

RCL Scaler, Mark 13, model 3 70.00

Wavemeter-Osc. model 1030, 145-235 mc .. 20.00

DAE D.F. Receiver, 240-2000 K.C 25.00

Modulator, RCA, Ml 22565, 345-485 watt . 35.00 F.M. Police & Fire band receivers, high or low band, 115V. AC, crystal cont. Specify

Frequency 39.00

Linear Amplifier, 1 KW PEP commercial rating 2-30 mc continuous tuning in 6 ft.

cabinet. New 25000

Ant. Coupler, CU 362/FRT, 1 KW, 2-30 continuous tuning, 50 ohm coax to balanced line 50.00

Power supply for RBS-RBM Receiver 12.00

ARC. 5, 2 meter transmitter 15.00

All merchandise guaranteed to be as represented. Prices are based on good value lor quick sale. When ordering, give second and third choice it possible in case of stock shortages.

25% requested with COD orders. To avoid delay send sufficient postage, balance will be returned. F.O.B. Hempstead,

WANTED—Popular Amateur Equipment, test equipment and Citizen band. Give make, condition and price for trade-in or cash

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