Mm-radio Amateur 04-1971

Oscillator freq,: 100 KC to 250 KC (proxy) 1250 KC (crystal), 15 to 20 KC (interpolation), 10 KC (blocking)

Frequency stability: .0001 %

R.F. Output: 100 microvolts min> *n 51 ohms

Audio Output: 2 MW min. in 600 ohms

Method of Interpolation: Visual, with built in oscilloscope

Tubes: 30

Harmonic selector: 9th thru 26th

Power Required: I 15 or 230 V, 50 to ?000 CPS, 136 watts.

Weight: 146 lbs. in case

Description: a portable hetrodyne type frequency meter for portable or fixed use* May be removed from the case and rack mounN ed, or used in the case with the tilt base as a table model.

Shipping Weight: 160 lbs.

Price: $350.00

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