Odds And Ends

Remote amplifier chassis from #8270 remote. In sad shape, $ 9,95

Remote amplifier chassis from F5C-1 Deluxe Remote, Fair condition. $15.00

Power supply #P9027 used in FMTRU-4 1V, $ 9.95

Power supply TIM 36 used in T44A-6 mobile, $ 9.95

Power Supply???????? Motorola T41 or T51. Dual vibrator, 30 watts or 60 watts. (I don't know which). Lots of parts and rectifiers. Vibrators included, $ 9.95

■ GE mobile transmitter—30 watt transmitter, 807 final. 12V

Above listed Odds ond Ends items shipped prepaid.

Teletype Regenerative Repeater—AN/TT-63A, $34.95

Johnson Viking \f 10 thru 160 meters with tubes and diagram, $40.00

MOTOROLA EQUIPMENT SCHEMATIC DIGEST. Contains a comprehensive collection of Motorola transmitters, receivers, power supply, and inter-connecting diagrams for Motorola FM equipment manufactured between 1949 and 1954. Covered is 30-50 MC, 150-170 MC and 450 MC equipment. Crystal formulas, crystal correlation data and basic alignment instructions are given, A test set diagram is given for metering all Motorola gear. Typical readings for many transmitters are tabuiated, A brief description is given for each general type of Motorola chassis. Specific crystal data and complete alignment and 432 MC conversion in* structions are given for Motorola T44A series 450 MC equipment. 90 pages. Price S3,95 P,P.


Schematic Digest when purchased with any equipment. $2.95

FM equipment is offered to licensed radio amateurs,** Quantities are fimited. Each unit, unless otherwise noted, is a complete receiver, transmitter and power supply, a tube or two may be missing. Cases, cables, microphones, control heads, ond crystals ore not available. Equip* ment is offered "as is". All items subject to prior sale. Terms; Payment with order. Shipping: FOB, Boston, unless specified otherwise, Specify carrier. Prices subject to change without notice. All equipment is used and subject to prior sale*

* *On the 140 BY base stations, pfase furnish a signed statement as follows:

"This equipment purchased for use on amateur bands and will not be resold for commercial use."

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