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A New Book Published by 73

This book, the first on parametric amplifiers for the ham, is written for the average amateur and explains in simple language how the/ work, how to build your own for the various UHF bands, and how to tune them up. Parametrics have helped UHF move rnto the space age, but don't forget that the first working parametric amplifier was built by WIFZJ and worked on six meters Order this book direct, $2X0 postpaid, or from your local parts distributor.

73 Magazine Peterborough, N- H.

How can an electronics technician who's right out of the service or a tech school go directly into research and development work?

By going directly to Sanders.

No question about it, the most exciting work an electronics man can get is R&D. And the most exciting place to do it is at Sanders, Nashua, New Hampshire.

To begin with, you have your choice of areas. Pick from microwaves, ECM, instruments & control systems, electro-optics, data handling equipment, video displays, specialized work on receivers & power supplies, environmental studies/ standards & calibration, RFt or special test equipment for production. And no matter which area you choose, the work is never dull or repetitive. There's plenty of breadboarding.

You and another technician will be working with just one engineer. This sort of working arrangement is typical of the advanced management thinking at Sanders.

Jf you think your training might qualify you for a job as an electronics technician, check into it. It's a good deal. The pay is competitive, and the working conditions and fringe benefits are tops* (Experience Isn't necessary, but if you've been on the ¬°ob for up to two years, the deal is even better.)

Interested? Drop us a line, outlining your background, work experience, and salary requirement. Address D. A. Williamson.

sanders associates, inc.

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