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Mail delivery in the U.S. seems to be at its slowest ebb yet Service is terrible. It takes as long as three weeks for second class mail to reach the west coast from our printer in Connecticut, and even air mail often takes as long as three or four days. But we have been assured by the Postmaster General, L. O'Brien, that service will improve. or instance, he proposes a new class of priority mail to replace air mail and first class. Tins new class will cost about and should provide one day delivery anywhere in the country, certainly a reasonable goal.

Another improvement the post office is working on is increased automation. To help with tins, they have divided the country into small districts, each with a zip code. All bulk mail users and magazines must use zip codes on their mass mailings after December 31, 1966. Most of our renewals are including their zip codes, but we still have many stencils in our lists of subscribers without zips. We have to add the code—a very expensive and time consuming operation—so please help us out a little. Please check the address on the wrapper in which you receive this 73. If it doesn't contain your zip code, or if the zip is wrong, please write the number on the wrapper and send it along to Linda, c/o 73, Peterborough, N.H. 03458. Incidentally, if you will be renewing soon, you can just wait and include the zip then, Please include your zip on all new subscriptions and renewals.

While it's hard to estimate how much right now, this process is going to cost us plenty. We can only hope that well be rewarded for the expenditure with decent mail service.

Club special

Ham club secretaries, presidents and editors should make sure that they send us their addresses so that we can tell them about our special plan for club members, it offers a very ow price on subscriptions, prizes, and a number of other small benefits such as the background papers that Wayne sends out every once in a while.


Mod. 3002 (less battery) $69.95

Mod. 30QY {Without Compreamp) $49.50

Enjoy the ultimate in phone patches with this compact coupler, precision-engineered at Waters. Designed for effortless VOX operation, it is the only patch with its own speech processor (Model 3002}. Its built-in Compreamp maintains correct out-going levels eliminating all manual switching and whenever needed, the Compreamp may be used independently of the patch. Provision is included for switching a tape recorder in and out for both recording and playback.

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