Rial New Unless Specified Otherwise

Sirei equipment cabinet with leather handle. Size ll1 ix You supply panel. Black finish. Removed new equip, Eich SI.79

175 Ut mil» MC tuned line osc. assembly, with piston type attenuator. Less i-AF4 tube & shields. Removed irom new test equipment, TLOl. 79c each

Scope foundation unit: Removed from new equipment. Channel strip with CRT socket, focus Ac Intensity controls, 2 position controls, 5UP1 scope tube, voltage divider string for CRT, bakelite bezel for CRT and circuit diagram & inSt ructions.

Very limited quan. Only $19*95 per set. (express) It.F. SwtM-p (rcnerator assembly—removed from TV-FM sweep signal generator. Contains ft HJ6 tut*\ dual variable condenser, mcchanical sweep ispkr typei mi>tor and other small part5. W/diagram 60-120 Mr. Only 10 units in stock. Si2.rjt) each

V-R regulated power supply. 11 n vol! fti) ey input. 105 V.D,C, regulated at 50 Ma & (J.3 V AC (» t amp. With diagram: Removed from new equipment. Less the tubes. Each $1.99. 10 for $17.50* Cat # PSC-2

PP-111/APS10 400 cycle radar power supply. Shock mounted chassis. Used less tubes. Wt. 22 pounds, so should be truck shipment* Each $1.95

2.5 KtV RF heater with tubes. Use for parts only as It radiates; USED, Crated for shipment $99.50, You pick up this Location for $65.00 i1 unit only)

99c PL it KIT OF PARTS f please use number)

2 pounds misc. electronics hardware HWD-1 H pound mi sc. brass i plated" spacers 5P~1

10 Misc. bathtub & oil filled condensers BT-10 5 over 20 watt resistors* Misc. values Res-5

3 pounds cut & stripped hook up wire cw-1 250 ft. (approx) hook up wire (10 rolls) HW-l 20 old type radio & instrument controls Cont-20 3 Misc, relays: may be telephone, etc.i RL-1


A1 1151 precision resistors A2 (20) ceramics mica cond. A3 10 crystal diodes A4 I7j low freq. X tals A 5 controls AO ilu- power resistors A7 <15) radio & TV knobs Ag 120) pilot lamp sockets Each kit liif. Assorted unused

A9 íTi X'míttiníT micas A10 (14 ozi Hardware An i4> min. Elect. A12 410) P.C. lube soc+ A13 (12) screw terminals al-l (100] solder Iuíís A15 (15) Misc. parts A16 <50» Ins. resistors parts In ea£h kit.

BUD" CE-2005 variable condenser: Max cap 150 Uufd. Air gap. .030". Original boxes, Bach $2.18 "BUD" CE-2007 variable condenser: Max cap 250 Uufd. Air K:tp .1)30", Original bo>xes. Each $3.24 ^BUH" CE-201B variable condenser: Max cap 100 Uufd. Air trap, ,060"* Original boxes. Each S2.7f) ■*BTO,f MC-1876 variable condenser: Max cap 140 Uufd. Many In original cartons, Each SI.29

•'NATIONAL** variable condenser: Max cap Of 100 Uufd. Straight line frequency type. Each Sl.fi9

"NATIONAL"1 variable condenser: Max cap of 75 Uufd. in each of 2 sections: Straight line frequency type. Ceramic InsuL Original cartons. Each SI.fly

'HAMARLIND" air padder condenser (screw driver slot shaft I 25 100 Uufd. Each 49c 10/S3.50 Doiii section variable condenser: 50 & 100 Uufd sections. Very smooth vernier drive. 2x4x3^" $1,69

HL MENCO" variable mica, trimmer condensers;

302 15-130 Uufd

304 100-550

30b 190-750

306 275-970

307 350*1180

19C 24c

28c 32c 32C

310 650-J890 Uufd

311 780-2110

312 880-2330 315 1400-3055

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