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City, Nebraska 68776



Why Guessavert When You Can Tunavert?

¡TUNABLE. CALIBRATED transistor converters for auto and ( home radios. Excellent Sensitivity, Selectivity, S/N ratio, J I and Image Rejection. S

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J jachf GUARANTEE' \

} * BFO models copy 5S8- * No wires, No soldering! i


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I 75 Meiers 75 3-8-4,0 mt. 550 lit. $19.95 ppd, t TUNAVEftTEHS with tunable BFO tor SSB-CW-AM-F* I

S Connecting coai included with non-amateur, CBP & 6 M. I J Special 24" connecting toaa for HF amateur model* - - . $.85 s

HERBERT SALCH & CO. Bonnie View, Woodsboro, Texas advised toy irçp lawyers that don?t yoy ever proofread y are afbuMb|o|r j^o^ka and this ## me1 lit» for ha va no other recourse but should be tarred and fea til

Hear 73:

I've had many requests for help from USA amateurs concerning putting 12 volts in VW's as in my article in the March 73, A new possibility is a three phase generator for the VW 1200 and 1300. It is made by Bosch and is shorter (han the traditional generators so c;an be mounted without altering the hitter-system. You can buy the necessary fittings from Bosch. If you want to make your whole car 12 volts, you must not break up the 6 volt generator or the fan of the air cooling system would not be driven,

I will gladly be of help in supplying the parts.

Hein Ah 1er s DJ2UL Olde nbit rg7 G ermany

Dear 73:

There will be a Korean QSG Party from 2400 GMT 2 July 66 until 2400 GMT 4 July 66. Present plans call for maximum participation from the HL9's and it is hoped that the HM's will also participate. The party will be held on all bands and all modes.

An appropriate award wÜ be made to the station outside Korea submitting logs with the most HL9 and H M contacts during this period. Logs should be sent to Eight Army Radio Club, Electronics Craft Shop, 19th General Support Group, APO San Francisco 96301.

So here's a chance to get Korea for that DXCC and also a chance to get the Kimchi Award sponsored by the Eight Army Radio Club.

Martíji L. S medley WA3ERL


Eight US Army Eadio Club

Dear Wayne:

1 just received the April issue of QST and turned to the Sweepstakes results. I feverishly searched for my score as this was my first S3. Seventh in L,A.t not bad. As I looked over the other scores I was astonished by the obvious and flagrant cheating most section winners displayed in submitting their power multiplier. It seems mine is the only station placing in the top ten in L.A, using over 150 watts input. Disregarding that, I know for a fact that this is not true. It must be obvious to any contest participant that it is almost impossible to rack up a huge score using low power. You cannot control a frequency using under 150 watts in the heat of the contest, I feel especia] I y sorry for those stations who accurately reported their score only to be pushed out of a section win by a ham who lied about his power. This practice induces those Who wish lo be honest to cheat so that they may compete on the same standard as the big guns. The ARRL obviously recognizes the situation and by their silence sanctions this practice. Wayne, take over now.

Ken Fefdman WBGFRP Los Angeles, California

A las Ken, many of us have been asking that this stupid rule of the Sweepstakes be changed for many years, but to no avail, It has always been that way and 1 suppose it c/ways will be. In my first S S parüci-pation, back in 1941, 25 years ago, the complaint was the same. Virtually all of the winners had to cheat to win. Great for the sportt eh?

It was difficult to figure out from the mish-mash report in QST on the I965 Sweepstakes, but, neglecting that finky power multiplied, it looks as if WA4NGO in Florida with 92$ contacts in 73 sections was first and W2NSD/1 in New Hampshire with 823 contacte in 73 sections was second. And I'm embarrassed for the League and the 16 other "winners'* who claimed they were using under 150 watte and took the multiplier, Ken, we all knot0 how much pouter these fellows were running,

Dear Wayne»

Can you or anybody else tell nie why in the name of statistics do we have to have forty-eight hours of !)X contest on the weekends?

There is enough activity going on during a normal weekend to prove most anything; furthermoret OX operation of the rag-chewing variety gives a more concrete idea how good the equipment and band conditions are. If it is necessary to gather statistics to prove that the amateur bands are overcrowded, I would say that a mid-week contest w*ould be far more convincing, because there would have to be some sacrifice on the part of the participants whose free time normally falls on the weekends.

I think that these two day contests are in poorer taste than the DXpeditions. Granted that everyone likes to work a new QTHf but just what a fleeting period of operation in another wise non-communicative location proves, except that there are no radio dead-spots, is more than I can see, M the time and money spent for these expeditions was contributed to the establishment of an amateur club among the inhabitants of ihese regions, then there wrould be some lasting benefit to world-wide amateur radio. What do you say?

Herbert Heath, Sr. DJ0KK

April Issue it's a bit hard to print, but W0AIO apparently didn't like Annie, so he sent us a skunk along with the Annie torn out of It is nc. Paul*

Dear 73:

Today I received rny April 73. Congratulations to you and Wayne Pierce on a job well done. For next year how about a foldout of a . , . well . , . uh . . , you know . . .

John Hall WN2UHK Horn ell, N,Y.

PS, I'm a minor, so please send future issues in an unmarked wrapper.

Dear 73:

Please rush me another copy of the April 73. Some 4 stole the centerfold from mine.


Dear Paul:

73 arrived loday. Noting the cover, quickly lurned to the center page fold-out o i a bare fool VOA transmitter. But it wasn't there.

I hink the short note about the author of some articles is very good. Let us know who the authors are,

Dave WA9BQQ Chicago, Illinois

Dear Sir;

Just received the very mediocre April 73.

You must really be hard up for articles and useful information.

After looking at the (CENSORED) [sic] on pages 124. 125 and 126, will you please reconsider? If you can't come up with anything better than that, please leave three pages blank so 1 can at least use them for scratch paper.

Dear Paul:

Re your question on comments about the contents of 73 in April.

Only a CB column is missing to make 73 jack of all and master of none- Pages 51 [Ham Word Play| and 124 I Annie) stink, 38, 80 and 86 are very good and 7 is juvenile. S2 and diode checker are out of CQ and QST,

AU in all 73 is not too bad even if Wayne always wants help or money for his projects; he is as bad as I am but then he does not like me anyway.

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