Two Categories To Choose From

Stondord Duty Guyed in Heights of 37- 54- 88- 105

and 122 feel

Heavy Duty Salf Supporting and Guyed in Height* of 37 - 54 feet fSS) 71 — 88 feel (guyed)


Ease of Operation — roller guides between sections assure easy, sale, friction-free raising and lowering. str*ngih-welded tubulni steel sections overlap 3 feut at maximum height for estra sturdinesK ami strength* Unique ROHN raising procedure raises oil section* together—uniformly with ,tn equal section overlap at oil heights! Versatility — designed to support the largest antennae with complete safet) and assurance at any height d«iredi Simple Installation—install it yourself—use either flat base or spec ml tilting base I illustrated above) depending on your needs. Rated and Tinted—enl irt- line enffl-lietred so yon n an exactly the right sizi- <md properly rated tower for your antenna. The ItOHN line of towers is complete. Zin< GaUoniied—hot dipped galvanizing a standard^iiot an extra—with all HOHN towers! Prices start at less than SIOO.

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