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If you ore not interested in getting some of the best buys ever offered- Below are listed some offerings from our stock. This is by no means all that is available. Write us your requirements. We just might have it in stock or know where to get it.

ARB Receiver

Freq: 1 90 to 9050 kc (4 bonds) Set-up for 24 volts, but easy to modify to HO Volts or 12 volts P.C. Mf-├ži. by R,CA, $17.95_

Dollar for Dollar you can't beat-

ARC-1 Transceiver

Freq: 100 to 156 Mc. Range '0 crystal controlled channels 8 watts output- Less crystals

Surplus from Communication

ART-T3 Transmitter

CW & MCW, Mfg. by Collins, Can be auto-moticaliy preset to any one of 1 1 Channels. ._$39.95


TDQ Transmitter

1 15-156 Mc. 50 Watt output AM Crystal Controlled 4 Channels VHF? Complete $129,00

GO BIG!!!! Additional infer-

-610 Transmitter

Freq, 2-18 Mc, 3 channels, 400 WATT CW, 300 WATT----$395.00__

motion available on all

RDO Receiver

Freq: 38 to 400 mc. Covered by 5 plug in units. This unit is a Navy type APR-4. Metered for both RF & Audio Circuits. Complete with all 5 Plug-in tuning units---$425.00

On Request

Bendix Remote Reading Compass

Magnesyn Type. Consist of o Compass Transmitter, Remote Indicator & 12VDC Inverter. New Condition . . . $19,95

TS-175/U Frequency Meter

85 to 1,000 mc. Crystal controlled, heterodyne type. Used for testing CW or MCW Transmitters & Signal Generators, LOOK! $99.00

Communications Sales

1 2 Volt Dynamotors

DM-42 Type, Input 12.5VDC at 39 Amps. Output 515 VDC at 215MA & 1030 VDC 260MA. New $9.95 ___

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We have Model 14 & 15 equipment & Parts. Write us your requirements.

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