Handy Dcindyt are sturdy, pfa&~ tic caps that «nap info Va" peg-board and security hold quarter-twist glass jars such as rhosc used for baby food. If you are up to your neck in saved baby food jars (or you know someone who is), put those fars to work. With Handy Dandys you tan make your workshop neat and clean* Perfect for storing nuts, bolts, cotter pins, washers, screws, fuses, small tools and other important items needed around the house and shop. Handy Dandys positively keeps contents dustproof. Just what you've beer* looking for. Put a pegboard on the back of a door for mama with Handy Dandys for buttons, pins, rubber bands, clips, stamps, ott. Hove the things you need at your fingertips—inexpensively—with Handy Dondys,

Sample order 12 for $1.00; 3 dozen for $2.50; 6 dozen for $4.00; 500 for $25.00. Shipped USA postage prepaid. Include payment with order—no C.O.D.'s. Order enough; you'll want more when you start using Handy Dandys. Available from manufacturer only.


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