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Guide to Surplus Conversions

Many articles have been written—and published—about surplus. These articles have ranged from simple suggestions to complete and detailed conversions such as the one bv

WA6BSO in this issue of 73. But these conversions are often hard to find; this is well demonstrated by the many articles on surplus that are duplications of other articles.

But it's not really that hard to find surplus conversions, Roy Fafenberg W4WKM has compiled a list of all the conversions he could find in the popular electronics magazines since World War II in the Index to Surplus available from many distributors or 73 for $1.50, But the Index does not list the articles that have appeared in the various surplus handhooks that have been published. That's what lIris article is lor. I've listed the pieces of equipment covered in the six surplus radio handbooks ilow available, 1 ie convers ioi is differ greatly in completeness, so it's suggested that you take a look at any books of interest before you make big plans,

Editors and Engineers

Editors and Engineers, P.O. Box 68003, New Augusta, Indiana, have published three Surplus Radio Conversion Manuals by Even-son and Beach and the Surplus Handbook, Vol I by W6NJV and W6NJE. Each costs $3. Here are the pieces of equipment covered in each manual:

Surplus Radio Conversion Manual, Vol 1, BC-221, BC-342, BC-312, BC-348. BC-412, BC-645, BC-646, SCR-274 (BC-453A and BC-457A series), SCR-522, TBY, FE-103A, BC-1068A/1161A.

Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Vol II.

BC-454, AN/APS-13, BC-457, ARC-5, CO 9/TBW, BC-946B, BC-375, LM, TA-12B, AN/ART-13, AVT-112A, AM-26/AIC, ARB.

Surplus Radio Conversion Manual, Vol III.

APN-l, APN-4, ARC-4, ARC-5, ART-13, BG-191, BC-312, BC-342, BC-348, BC-375, BC-442, BC-453, BC-455, BC 456^9, BC-603, BC-624, BC-696, BC-1066, BC-1253, CBY-

5200, COL-43065, CRC-7, DM-34, DY-2, DY-8, FT-241A, MD-7/ARC-5, R-9/APN-4, R-28 ARC-5, RM-52-53, RT-19/ARC-4, RT-159, SCR-274N, SCR-508, SCR-522, SCR-528, SCR-538, T-15 to T-23/ARC-5, URC-4. WE701A.

Surplus Handbook, Vol L This book, subtitled, Receivers and Transceivers^ is composed of schematics and pictures of the following gear. It doesn't give conversions. APN-l,

APS-13, ARB, ARC-4, LF and VHF ARC-5. ARN-5, ARR-2, ASB-7, BC-222, BC-312, BC-314, BC-342, BC-344, BC-348, BC-603, BC-611, BC-624 (SCR-522), BC-652, BC-654, BC-659, BC-669, BC-683, BC-72S, BC-745, BC-764, BC-779, BC-794, BC-923, RC- 1000, BC-1004, BC-1066, BC-1206, b(im\ b( 1335, bc-ar-231, cnc-7,

DAK-3, GF-U, Mark % MN-26, RAK-5, RAX, RAL-5, Super Pro, TBY, TCS, VT tube cross index.

GQ Handbooks

CQ has two handbooks un surplus out. I hey can l>e ordered from CQ, 14 Vanderventer Avenue, Port Washington, N.Y. The first book, the Surplus Schematics Handbook, by Ken Grayson VV2HDM, costs $2.50, and contains schematics and short comments about this liear: APA-3S, APN-l, APR-1, APR-2, APS-13, ARB. ARC-1, ARC-3, ARC-4, ARC-5, ARC-5 VHF, ARJ-ARK-ATJ, ARN-7, ARR-2, ART-13, ASH, AS-81-GR, ATK, BC-AR-231, BC-189, BC-191, BC-221, BC-312, BC-314, BC-342, BC-344, BC-348. BC-375, BC-438, BC-474A, BC-603, BC-610. BC-611. BC-620, BC-640, BC-645, BC-652, BC-653, BC-659, BC-683, BC-684, BC-728, BC-733, BC-745, BC-779, BC-794, BC-906. BC-969, BC-1000, BC-1004, BC-1023, BC-1206, BC-1335, BN, BP, C3, CRC-7, CRO-208, CRT-3, DAE, F3, GF-11, GO-9, GRR-5, 1-122, 1-177, 1-208, JT-350A, LM, Mark ti, MD-7, MN-26, PRC-6, PRS-3, R-174, RAK, RAL, RAO-7, RAS, RAX, RBH, RBL, RBM, RBS, RC-56. RC-57, RDC, RDR, RDZ, RU-16, SCR-274, SCR-284,

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