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densers in the PM-2 power pack blew up on account of that high line voltage, but this time I had brought some 600 volt filters along with me, after substituting these for the 450 volt jobs in (lie power pack my filter condenser troubles were eliminated for thp balance ol the trip.

Also I 1011 ltd that (ho power transformers pet awful hot, and 1 would further recommend that you drill a great many holes all around it and bring along a good electric fan to make it run cooler. Everyone tells me these transformers are made to take a lot ol heat-but I like for them to at least be cool enough to put your hand on them without getting burned. A little breeze from the same fan around the final tubes certainly would not do any harm either. I am not much afraid of the heat Irani the tubes hurting them as am from the heat doing damage to some of the other components. \ think most of the ham transmitters on the market today are FB if they are used, lets say, for a few hours every day, hut I don't think thev are made to stand, say, 18 to 20 hours duty at a time, especially if the line voltage is on the high side and the cycles are 50 instead of GO like we have here in the USA, It's 50 cycles practically everywhere. If your travel expense can stand a little extra weight highly recommend that you take with you a Power stat that will operate from both 240 and 120 volts, with a built in voltmeter and a knob that's real handy to regulate the voltage. Let the equipment operate on 120 volts but have your Powerstat so that it can be changed from 120 to 240 volts easily without a soldering iron. Your little soldering iron can be a ¡20 volt one since vou will have 120 available at all times by using the Powerstat Remember you just cannot find 3-way plugs overseas, not of the type we use over here, so bring »long a few of these, you can use them in all of your connections EXCEPT the connections to the power source. These oversea plugs can be of almost any size or shape and iI s practically impossible to have along with vou a universal plug let fit them all. They can usualK be bought overseas quite easily though, 1 myself have found that one set of vour Powerstat wires should end up with a pair of Alligator clips on I hem, these clipped oil a piece of solder can be made to fit almost am tiunu vou run into. Don't overload yourself with a m aT

big box of spare parts, because even then nine out of ten times vou will still not have what you need in case vou reallv uet into serious rig trouble. . . . Gus

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