MODEL IAMAB" is a tfavy Walkie-Talkie which provides sine!*-channel, crystal-controlled reception and transmission (AMj between 2.0 and 4.ft ilC. Berfivpr uses miniature t tibes in n superheterodyne circuit for maximum sensitivity and selectivity. Transmitter employs miniature tubes in a crystal-controlled oscillator llTi). a 331 itF Powir Amplifier which will deliver from 20U to 250 milliwatts RK power to the antenna trnn l>e «wiped up i r and a 3S4 Heisjttf fplat>-i Modulator stage. 7 tiling IoL.j! In iruns-receiwr. Unit is housed In a water-Light bakclite caae.

X 10"W * 3 9 ir/'h. RANGE 1 M1I.E OR BETTER deluding on location and condition. Requires 13á rolts "H" and I1 - volt5 W' batteries, En-vllent fur 7:> nifter Hani. ( t>. Fin F>ep% cmogenqr murine. or coim-rsiou to other usa. Supplied t'omplete with all tube*, rVvinis x'mittlnic crystal* «sorry, we cannot accept orders for a specified frequency* Cnu-ar? FT 243 type, aiifl ran be easily chañad). telescope an trima with adjustable loading coil, headphones, microphone, and ramus earning case with straps In Almost-New condition, but not tested at this price. Shpg. wtk per set 15 CI Q QC PER PAIR ... 2 Complete Sets, as above H»13^3

MODEL DAV is Navy Walkie-Tallrie, same as above, hut with Direction Finding Loop wiLhin so that receiver section may be nsed tor Jv.F, or Honihiij on tha crystal-control led receiving frequency. Same transmitter as nnllined above for Walklfi-Talkle use with supplied adjustable telescopic antenna. Encased in watertight, sturdy plywood cane, slightly hirser than above. Shpg wt, Complete accessories as MAB. Ufl lbs* (£1 £i QC

EACH, AS NEW—but not tested at this low price INSTRUCTION BOOK FOR MAB OR DAV

only with purchase of units $1.00

MINIATURE VIBRATOR PACK FÜK MAB OR DAV, eliminates nuisance and expense of dry batteries. Operates from miniature fl volt storage battery, not supplied, available frnm many surplus dealers. With Instruction Book. Shpg. wt. o lbs. I'M'SKI». EACH $7.95

miniature storage "a" & "8" batteries. For Walkie-Talkies. Radio Portables, Radio Controlled devices. Radio Sonde*, or equivalent meteorological devices. Supplied as a sel of 3— "B" batteries of 36 volts each, and 1—"A" battery of G volts. Butteries dry-charged» less dectmlyte and packed in a hermetically sealed vacuum metal container which prevents possibility of deterioration or loss of efficiency until opened and ready for ii i Both A' buttery <BB ni) .tnd ' B'* battery (RR 521 are V (fcep s lVs" high s 3Va" tang, wiih 2 connection jih^ uf V'" length protruding in' tit each bitttty, Hypodermic needle required for acid—water tilling 1280-1850 specific gravity, Full Instructions supplied with each sel of batteries for filling and barging. NEW-TCfrSKD, shipping weigh! 4 lbs. per set 4

batteries as descried $1.95

30-40 mc deluxe fm receiver, Model It-237/VRf#— '2 Single-Channel, Double-Conversion Superset, with features such its double limiter, squelch elri'ull. crystal control of both 1st and 2nd Converter Oscillators, built-in <i V DC Power Supply, etc. OimrnsimiB IP/a" x X If/'. Used—Excel lent condition units, with tubes. 2nd roiiveislon crystal speaker, with scheTimtie Hluunnns. Shpg, wt. lbs. each

or control unit or loud-

transmitteb companion to above. Model TM93/VRC—2, Pdwar Output 25 waits, Crystal-controlled single-eh;uiin I i\u\\ uitli built-in 6 V na E'ower Supply, run be used for NB KM amateur transmissions, or may be applicable to Fire, Police, or other applications. Used Excellent condition uults+ With thematic. Shipping weight or» ih^ ., EACH

30 mc motorola coaxial antenna. heavr duly, hiitli^ power construction. Easily moihfteil by reducing length nf up|ier whip section f^r higher freim1 tides, or increasitLs length a f«w inches for CB appllcmlioD. Present length of iop radiator 10^". Equipped with female receptacle for PL-359 roa\ cori nrHor and r>0 nhm line. Impotituit mounting hardware included IM SED Units. Shpg. wt, 130 lbs. price each $14.95

TELE MAR INK discovers) Lliis otii standi ug 3ineni \rleftek Type Beam Antenna in Army Sorphis. It includes a vertical dipole imd phaae-load iunitii; box, width permits tuning and phastnK Jn the rudiator ami dlr-clor elements, and phasing out ihe reflector element so that an unusually high front-to-back ratio results along with exceptionally high forward gain. Plug-in imlmiur* permits use nf this iintflnna over a frequency r:inpe of L'O to 40.0 MC. Operates ^sili 62 or 72 ohiti transmission line. Sturdy, weather-resistant construction! Operates satisfactorily with rt>R-AB-22 Beam Rotdtor, or equivalent. New-tnnsed. with Instnic-tion Book which covers complete etpupment for which antenna was intended, but protid» full installation and tuning-up data. Nei wt. of beam Uis. wi. 102 Supplini With 2. plug-in iudud^r^ to i^er !ir»-30 Mc.', tnMalh-d iu pha«- bid hoi. COILS PER PAIR t 2 re<,uiredJ for 20-22.5 to 25.0 Mi j or 30-40 MC., specify fn^q $4.95


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