Welcome aboard this fabulous electronic flying display

During 1966, International's Martin 202 Flying Showroom will tour cities throughout the United States, bringing with it displays of International electronic equipment and products, plus a technical staff available for consultation, ■ A space age electronic show for Amateur Radio operators, radio experimenters, hobbyists, Citizens Radio dealers and users, commercial 2-way radio operators and manufacturers requiring special electronic products. ■ If you are a manufacturer, radio equipment dealer, Amateur or Citizens Radio Club, or other interested groups, we will attempt to schedule a specific time and date to visit your area. Watch for announcement or write International Crystal Manufacturing Co., Inc. for details.

See how InternaUonal electronic products can work for you.


18 North Lee Oklahoma City. Okia. 73102


Discuss your technical and engineering requirements with International staff.

Stondord Duty Guyed in Heights of 37- 54- 88- 105

and 122 feel

Heavy Duty Salf Supporting and Guyed in Height* of 37 - 54 feet fSS) 71 — 88 feel (guyed)

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