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4. Transistors are prone to overloading at intennodulation. [So are tubes if they're n handled properly. Transistor circuits can gi1 excellent results if designed properly. Als note that the darling of the ARRL these da; is the 7360 tube, which they use as a mixer ; avoid the overload and cross modulation fro: more conventional tubes. It costs aboi

$3.75, roughly the same as an FET that excellent for this use.]

5. Transistors are compact, but this isu too important since equipment can be mac too small for easy tuning-transistors are fir for CB equipment [what a red herring] sine they're on fixed channels, but not necossar for tunable equipment.

6. Transistor VFO's tend to drift and aren stable. [Sure, if they're not designed properh But it's a lot easier to make low drift transit tor oscillators than tube ones.]

7. Transistor output circuits are weird an unfamiliar looking. [Enough said.]

8. Transistors don't work well in parallel a one tends to hog the current. [Tubes in para lei tend to oscillate, but that can be prevente easily. Likewise, equalizing resistors are use with transistors in parallel.]

9. Varactor triplers are all right for VH!

[But thereVe no practical ones in the HBJ

10. Transistors are all right for VHF kr noise amplifiers, [None of those in the HI either,]

11. Silicon diodes are excellent if youi careful.

12. Transistors are easily adaptable t etched circuits, but etched circuits aren't lo practical for individuals. Maybe some da enterprising small manufacturers will mak boards for projects in electronics magazine and sell them. [They have and do. I wen QS has had projects like that.l

I got the impression that W1DX felt th; hams have little reason to use transistors e cept in mobile equipment and that otht equipment using transistors uses them for tl novelty value. Is that why Motorola, RC7 Scott, Raytheon, Davco and others are usin transistors? For novelty?

I don't think so, I feel that hams shoul make every attempt to keep up with model practice if we are to justify our existence an not to be left behind, ignored and discredite< Most amateurs learn their first amateur rad from ARRL books. Will these hams stay b* hind the times? Or will I hey discover modei practices elsewhere? Or will the Handboc be brought up to date? For the sake of ha radio, I certainly hope so.

SILICON BISWITCH 7 amp 200 piv, used in AC phase control and lamp dimmers. Circuit for 750 watt lamp dimmer included. 2 for $1

SILICON NPN MICROTRANSISTOR, silicon planar epitaxial. Vcbo 40 volts, Vc*o 15 volts, 150 mw, 100 mct with specification sheet. 2 for $1

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