Metro Electronics

Formerly William and Cortlandt Sh Now at

81 W. Broadway, Corner Warren

New York City

Six blocks north of old location.

LATEST SBE33 with DC Supply and Mounting plab WA2FSD Martin Sicgei, 11 Burbury Lane, Giea Neck. New York. Tel: 516 482-27:17.

GALAXY V, like new, AC power supply with epe^ke console. DC power supply and complete mobile installa c ion including Hustler antenna for 80, 40 and 20. $525 Gerald Boles, 530G North Drexel Street, Oklahoma City Oklahoma. WI 2-3159.

FREE ZENER DIODE and listing of our capacitors resistors, semiconductors, transformers, and F.M. equip ment, Send self-addressed stamped envelope to: Sura bachi Electronics, 214 E. Brett, Inglewood, Calif. 90302

WANTED: Hallicrafters S-36 VHF receiver: RMt DB22A preselector. Write, stating condition and price K3PRE, Edward R, Kowalski, 757 South Third Street Philadelphia, Pen®a. 19147.

EICO SSB TRANSCEIVER, 752 DC Power Supply, noi assembled, 761 AC Power Supply, never on air. $300-00 Milo Heckt. W0TKU, 926 Joy Ave., Rapid City, S. Dak 57701.

WANTED: MILITARY, COMMERCIAL, SURPLUS, Airborne, Ground, Transmitters, Receivers, Testers, Accea* series. Especially COLLINS, We pay freight and Cash., RITCO POB 156, Annandaie, Virginia (703) 560-5480 COLLECT!

HT-41 $180, NC 183-D $120, Viking Valient $130, RC221 Frequency Meter w/AC Supply $75, Johnson TR Switch $15, Heath Q Multiplier $8. Pair 260tb w/Sockets $40 new, 5 URC 4 Transceivers converts tc 2 meters $10 each. I will ship anywhere USA. WSCPZ 901 East 4tF" Street. Iron Mountain. Mich. 49801.

TR 150 (80-6 mtrs.) $58. Amcco Converters for 6 and 2 $13 each. Converter power supply $9. Gonset G—76 plus DC supply (both almost new) £160 K2QHT 63 Robii Drive, Hauppauge, New York 516-AN-5G479.

GALAXY V Complete with Speaker Console and A.C Power supply, Galaxy 2000 -f Linear Amplifier 12 K,W PEP) with A,C. Power Supply, Value $949,00. Thi* equipment has never been used, in original cartons Won at the Dayton Hamvention. Offers over SEOO.Oi will be considered. WA8QEY, J. H. Meixner. 2401 M or ningstar Ct-, Rettering, Ohio, 45420.

SALE OH SWAP: JOYSTICK Antenna System, excel lent condition. Make offer. Mitchel Katz, W2KPE 147-1] 76th Avenue, Flushing, New York 11367,

APACHE AND MOHAWK Heathkit year in very kcmh condition. Factory checked. $325 or l>est offer. R, Mila sich K9ECK, 405 Price, Calumet City, Illinois.

CLEGG THOR VI complete with both AC & DC Powe Supply Modulators, two cords, manual, original carton* Two years old* just returned from Clegg factory re aligned perfect, 5350.00 ¥\ KM : Shipped charges col tec receipt first Money Order. George Hay mans WA4NED Box 4(58! Gainesville, Georgia*

APARTMENT BOUND, Swap excellent 41 ft. E-Z wa; crankup tower, Hornet tri-bander, preferably for kilo watt Matchbox, Removal deal only, B looser, WSD1JK Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

DX -100 xmtr, perfect, w/op, manual, £1.00* Dage des ig i TV camera, w ' vi d icon, RF, video jeep, tubes, schematics S125. Bert Gathercoal, W9QAP. 50 Westward Ho, North lake. 111.

DRAKE T4X Txmr,, R-4 Receiver, T4X Power Supply Thunderbolt Amplifier—Roy Anderson, Hox 2116, Wil liamson. West Virginia 2&661.

TECHNICAL MANUALS: ARC-27, CV-I16/URR, $3.&t each, BC-1031, FGC-1, ARN-6, $3,00 each. Many others List lOtf. S. Consatvo, W31HD, 4905 Roanne Drive Washington, D,C, 20021,

MUST SACRIFICE mint HT-37 Original owner, pur-chHHed new. First certified check for $27n takes It. Ship express collect, W8EWP, 7229 Saratoga* Reynoldaburg^ Ohio 43068.

IOWA 75 METER Phone Net Picnic. AiiK. 14# 1 McHose Park, Boone, Iowa* Contact: Dr, H. Robinson, 1 515) 782-7719.

FEDERATION OF LONG ISLAND Radio Cluhg Annual Picnic and Hamfest. July 17 at Hemp&tead Town Parkt Point Lookout, L.T. Contact: W2NOS,

SPRINGFIELD Amateur Rariio Club Annual Manifest. 17 July, 1966 at Clark County Fairgrounds, 4 mi SE of Springfield, Ohio on Route 41.

SOI'THKRN COUNTIES Amateur Radio Assoc of New Jersey will hold its annual outing 28 Aug, Egji Harbor Lake, Eteg Harbor City, N.J. Contact: W2TUR.

ROGUE VALLEY Amateur Radio Clubs will host the Oregon Amateur Radio Asaoc Annual Convention on Auk. 2G*27. Speakers, Contests. Swap-shop, Entertaitt-ment. Contact: K7WXR, Medord, Ore.

BLUEBOOK prices save money. Take 10% off these prices without trade-ins. KWMI—$299.00; HW12— 1^.00; NCX3 S211LOO : Calaxy 30U- $171*.00; Communicator 3 6BE—& 149*00; NCL2000—$479.00: Thunderbolt —$349,00: 75A4—$479.00; SX99—$99.00; SX117— HQ110—$134.00: DXlOO £99.00: AFG7—569.00. Hundreds more. Free list, WRL, Leo, W0GFQ, Box 919, Council Bluffs. Iowa,

BUILD WlJJL's popular CPO-CWM (code practice osciliator-CW monitor) from the July I9f>5 73. pawe H2, The pred rilled board with component locations silk-screened on it is only The board with all parts mounted on the board is ¿3 and the unit assembied in an attractive case is a remarkable $7.95. Order today from the Harris Co., 56 E. Main St., Torrington» Conn.

160—2 METERS. HQ-170AC with Ameeo 2m. Nuviator Converter and tim, preamp—£250. Johnson 250 watt Matchbox with R.F« power meter^?35. WA9NHQ, Bill Code, 1036 Hillside, Northbrook, 111.

LINEAR. ANTENNA, PATCH: Hal lie rafters HT-31, 600

Watts cw ssbT excellent condition, new 8llAfSt 3828*5, ¥110. New Hy^iiain 80-20 meter doublet. 24BBDQ, parts package factory sealed, $22. Johnson phone patch, excel -lent, £12. Will ship at my expense, manuals included, upon receipt of check. Stan Fiedler, K3RPA, 1400 Pox-son, Lansing1, Michigan, 48910.

NCL-2000, $400, late serial number. Hallicrafters FRR-27 i SX73, 5150. SBE-34, late. S300. 50' Röhn #25 tower and Ham M rotor, $150. W7WRS, 1708 Valleyview, Las Vejias, Nevada,

AN ASSORTMENT OF 6 A TV EXPERIMENTERS, only $1 while they last. 73 Magazine* Peterborough, N+ H. 034*8,

25 WORDS FOR $2, Sell or buy through these want ads, a terrific bargain. Caveat Emptor, 7^ Magazine, Peterborough, N. H. 03458.

19G3 HOUND VOLUMES OF 73. $15 each from 73, Peterborough, N. H, 03458.

COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVERS—an excellent booklet from the RSGB, Limited number available for only 50tf each.

73 Magazine, Peterborough, N, H. 03458.

NOVICE AND TECHNICIAN HANDBOOK by W6SA1 and WfiTNS. Limited quantity for only $2,50 each, 73 Mapazine, Peterborough, N. H. 03458.

SEND US YOUR zip code. 73 Magazine, Peterborough, N. H. 03458.

Send check with order.Jnc/ude postogejextra returned


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